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Installed and tried sql and java, but all i see rendered is a grey background box with code inside but without any highlight. What could me missing?

Using this as example:

%CODE_DP{ lang="sql" }% SELECT pg_database.datname, pg_size_pretty(pg_database_size(pg_database.datname)) AS size FROM pg_database; %ENDCODE%

%CODE{ lang="java" }% public static void main args() { System.out.println("hello"); } %ENDCODE%

The problem happens if JQueryPlugin is also enabled. I'm able to use Dp if i disable JQ on the topic with:

How to make both work together?

-- RodrigoPereira - 05 Dec 2009

What errors do you see?

-- ArthurClemens - 05 Dec 2009

Also what JQuery Plugins do you have enabled? For example, do you have the Chili plugin enabled?

-- AndrewJones - 05 Dec 2009

It's using jquery-1.3.2p1 and all plugins seem to be enabled by default. I disabled Chilli but the result is the same. I'm not getting errors anywhere, so now I'll be enabling debug for the plugin, will update after this.

-- RodrigoPereira - 06 Dec 2009

The culprit is {JQueryPlugin}{NoConflict}. It cannot be enabled for this combination. I disabled and now have topic working with EditChapter, DpSyntax and JQuery enabled. The default for that setting is OFF, I may have enabled because the description made me feel like it would be something good to enable. I hope I don't need to enable it for something else.Thanks for your time.

-- RodrigoPereira - 06 Dec 2009

Ok thanks. I created a task for this problem, so hopefully we will be able to improve the plugin so it works with this setting.

-- AndrewJones - 06 Dec 2009

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Subject Using an extension
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    %IF{ "context authenticated" then="
  • %JQICON{"user"}%Hi, Wiki Guest
  • " }%%IF{ "$ LOGOUT = ''" then="
  • %JQICON{"lock"}%$percntLOGOUT$percnt
  • " else="%IF{"{AdminUserWikiName}='WikiGuest'" then="
  • %JQICON{"lock"}%Logout
  • "}%" }%%IF{ "$ LOGIN = '' and not context authenticated" then="
  • %JQICON{"key"}%$percntLOGIN$percnt
  • %IF{ "context registration_supported AND context registration_enabled" then="
  • %JQICON{"add"}%Register
  • " }%" }%
%IF{"'guest'!='guest'" then="$percntIF{\"istopic 'Main.WikiGuestLeftBar'\" then=\"
\" else=\"\" }$percnt" }%


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