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EasyTimelinePlugin broken on 1.07?

I have an instance of foswiki 1.07 and 1.06 in separate directories and port numbers. In 1.06 EasyTimeLinePlugin renders correctly. In 1.07 The same code renders blank.

I can Google no working examples of EasyTimelinePlugin on Foswiki-1.0.7

Picking an example in each In the 1.06: ...working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25575 contains: In the 1.07 folder ...working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25660 (and all other like folders) contains only:

The warn log is quiet The foswiki log says thusly:

(In configure, the path locations are the same for the plugin for each instance of foswiki.)

OS linux detected -> environment = Linux, create image in png format.

Input: Script file /var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/EasyTimelinePlugin25750.txt Output: Image files /var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/EasyTimelinePlugin25750.png & /var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/EasyTimelinePlugin25750.svg Map file /var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/ (add to html for clickable map)

No external fonts specified in input -> Treat input as ascii and use internal Ploticus font.

Ploticus input file = '/var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/EasyTimeline.txt.25759'

Generating output: Invoke Ploticus exe file as '/usr/local/bin/pl' Running Ploticus to generate svg file '/usr/local/bin/pl' -svg -o '/var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/EasyTimelinePlugin25750.svg' '/var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/EasyTimeline.txt.25759' -tightcrop Running Ploticus to generate bitmap '/usr/local/bin/pl' -csmap -mapfile /var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/ -png -o '/var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/EasyTimelinePlugin25750.png' '/var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/EasyTimeline.txt.25759' -tightcrop

Image /var/www/foswiki.local/working/work_areas/EasyTimelinePlugin/tmp/EasyTimelinePlugin25750/EasyTimelinePlugin25750.png not created.

Ploticus not found in local folder. Is it on your system path? status 0 |
2009-10-15T02:43:27Z debug - EasyTimelinePlugin::commonTagsHandler( SiteBottomBar )
2009-10-15T02:43:27Z debug - EasyTimelinePlugin::commonTagsHandler( TestTopic26 )

We have easy timeline working fine on our internal wiki with 1.0.7. The line "Ploticus not found in local folder. Is it on your system path? status 0 |" in your log is suspicious. Have you set the path to ploticus in configure? The configuration item is {Plugins}{EasyTimelinePlugin}{PloticusCmd}, but its under the Plugins heading rather than Extensions. The actual command is pl, so try that from the command line.

I will also see if I can look at your ApprovalPlugin notification problems today.

-- AndrewJones - 21 Oct 2009

Sorry, I missed the bit where you said that the paths are the same in configure. However it does seem like the script is not able to run Ploticus successfully.

Perhaps reading this FAQ on debugging external programs will help, or at least provide more information.

-- AndrewJones - 21 Oct 2009

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