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Foswiki 1.0.7: TinyMCE and Indents

After upgrading to foswiki 1.0.7 we discovered a problem, that can also be seen on this website:

Indents of normal paragarphs are not stored.
Simultaneous indention of multiple paragraphs doesn't work.

What we want to see (replace "_" with " "):




What we see:




Our System:

TinyMCE in Foswiki 1.0.7-3 upgraded from 1.0.6
Operating System: Ubuntu 8.0.4 LTS

Hello RonBeezer, and thank you for your question.

Unfortunately indented paragraphs are a concept that is not provided by TML (Topic Markup Language) natively.

With some CSS trickery to add appropriate classes to <p> tags, it could be done.

Can you please clarify whether this is a feature that you used to have before upgrading to 1.0.7, or is this just a feature you'd like to see added?

If it used to work, what wiki were you using and what version?

Thank you

-- PaulHarvey - 22 Oct 2009

Yes, I am seeing this problem in my installation too!

-- GuruprasadIyer - 23 Oct 2009

Hello PaulHarvey,

In former Versions of Foswiki (before 1.07) the integrated old TinyMCEPlugin used a workaround for indention by using blockquote-tags. The qiven example looks like that in the HTML-Source:
<div class="foswikiTopic"> Text


That is better than nothing, but even better would be a new feature in Foswiki after 1.0.7.

The Composer in the Seamonkey-Suite transforms the given example to this code:

<div style="margin-left: 40px;">Text


<div style="margin-left: 80px;">Text

That doesn't look like CSS trickery and the output looks better that using blockquotes. I think hat TML / Foswiki need new features.

-- RonBeezer - 26 Oct 2009

Anything that isn't TML is CSS trickery wink

TinyMCE does paragraph indenting on <p> tags, Eg. <p style="padding-left: 30px;">. I suppose we need WysiwygPlugin to preserve <p> attributes if present, instead of converting them to straight newlines.

Created feature proposal: Development.SupportBlockquoteAndIndenting. It's possible this could be done for 1.0.8, but more likely this will be afterwards.

-- PaulHarvey - 08 Nov 2009

Might have blockquote button at least for 1.0.8. See Tasks.Item2341. Checked in to svn trunk, will commit to release branch (1.0.8) if/when feature proposal is approved.

-- PaulHarvey - 09 Nov 2009

Tasks.Item2516 will be used to implement new paragraph indenting feature.

-- PaulHarvey - 21 Dec 2009

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