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Cannot create a New Web

When I trying to create a WEB I get the following error:

Foswiki detected an internal error - please check your Foswiki logs and webserver logs for more information.

Can't locate object method "getCGISession" via package "Foswiki"

The webserver log does not report any errors or warnings just the operation I performed.

The Foswiki log reports

2009-10-08T14:43:06Z warning Can't locate object method "getCGISession" via package "Foswiki" at /home/miteoinf/www/CorporateWiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 239.
at /home/miteoinf/www/CorporateWiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 239
Foswiki::Validation::validate('Foswiki=HASH(0x5547d8)') called at /home/miteoinf/www/CorporateWiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 412
Foswiki::UI::logon('Foswiki=HASH(0x5547d8)') called at /home/miteoinf/www/CorporateWiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 304
Foswiki::UI::__ANON__() called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/ line 415
eval {...} called at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/ line 407
Error::subs::try('CODE(0x770f28)', 'HASH(0x138d0e8)') called at /home/miteoinf/www/CorporateWiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 391
Foswiki::UI::_execute('Foswiki::Request=HASH(0x541448)', 'CODE(0xb31f58)', 'logon', 1, 'login', 1) called at /home/miteoinf/www/CorporateWiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 275
Foswiki::UI::handleRequest('Foswiki::Request=HASH(0x541448)') called at /home/miteoinf/www/CorporateWiki/lib/Foswiki/Engine/ line 26
Foswiki::Engine::CGI::run('Foswiki::Engine::CGI=HASH(0x958888)') called at login line 45.

I need advice on how to correct this problem.

I recently upgrade to latest version and everything else seems to be working just fine.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Can you please check the "CGI Setup" section, if there are any unmet (perl) dependencies?

-- OliverKrueger - 09 Oct 2009

I checked the CGI Setup section and everything including all the Perl paths seems to be correct. The following are not installed: Encode::compat , Lingua::EN::Sentence , Unicode::MapUTF8 , Win32::Console but are probably not needed. The only thing that seems a little odd is that the system reports finding version 1.0.5. as follows " Foswiki module in @INC path (Version: Foswiki-1.0.5, Sat, 25 Apr 2009, build 3705) found ". Does this mean that the upgrade to 1.0.7 was not performed correctly?

-- MikePengelly - 12 Oct 2009

It certainly sounds like you have two versions of Foswiki in your @INC path, which may result in unexpected behaviours like this. It goes without saying that most people don't see this error, and since is pretty fundamental to how Foswiki works (since 1.0.6) that's probably the cause of your problems.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 05 Nov 2009

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