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How to enable superscript and subscript buttons in TinyMCE?

TinyMCE is able to provide buttons for superscript and subscript (see ).

I wonder:
  • Is there a special reason why they aren't enabled by default?
  • How do I enable them for my installation?
And the same questions for the fullscreen mode button...

I didn't find any hints on this on the entire foswiki site.

-- PhilippLeufke

The reason is simple: Foswikis markup language (TML) does not support them. Of course, you can enable them, but this will lead to bare html in your topics (for those markups). The intention of TML is to minimize the amount of html in the topic. If you are living in a wysiwyg-only world or all your users can read html, just go ahead and enable those buttons.

Regarding the fullscreen mode: no idea. smile

-- OliverKrueger - 05 Aug 2009

Thanks for your reply!

Got the point about why it's not enabled, but I don't completely agree, since some other TinyMCE features will also produce HTML code, like choosing a non-standard text color (see raw view), when doing some formatting on tables. Anyway, this is not to be discussed right here.

But as I'm still in the dark about how to enable the buttons, I'm setting the status to asked again.

-- PhilippLeufke - 06 Aug 2009

Configuring tinymce is probably a bit out of scope for the foswiki documentation. Please see Since nobody else has something to add, Im setting this to Closed unanswered.

-- OliverKrueger - 15 Sep 2009

According to TinyMCEPlugin#Preferences, you can use the TINYMCEPLUGIN_INIT to redefine all the options passed to the Tiny MCE editor. So I would try defining that in a topic with all the options you want.

I tried in Sandbox.TestTopic44453 but couldn't get it working. I suggest you play around with that and let us know how you get on. Then we can update the docs to make it more obvious.

-- AndrewJones - 29 Sep 2009

  • Set TINYMCEPLUGIN_INIT = mode:"textareas", editor_selector : "foswikiWysiwygEdit", save_on_tinymce_forms: true, cleanup : true, theme : "advanced", convert_urls : true, relative_urls : false, remove_script_host : false, dialog_type: "modal", extended_valid_elements : "li[type]", forced_root_block : false, setupcontent_callback : FoswikiTiny.setUpContent, urlconverter_callback : "FoswikiTiny.convertLink", foswikipuburl_callback : "FoswikiTiny.convertPubURL", save_callback : "FoswikiTiny.saveCallback", debug:true, plugins : "table,searchreplace,autosave,paste,safari,inlinepopups,fullscreen,foswikibuttons,foswikiimage", foswiki_secret_id : "WYSIWYG content - do not remove this comment, and never use this identical text in your topics", foswiki_vars : { PUBURLPATH : "/pub", PUBURL : "", WEB : "Support", TOPIC : "Question249", ATTACHURL : "", ATTACHURLPATH : "/pub/Support/Question249", VIEWSCRIPTURL : "", SCRIPTSUFFIX: "", SCRIPTURL : "", SYSTEMWEB: "System" }, theme_advanced_toolbar_align : "left", foswikibuttons_formats : [ { name: "Normal", el: "div", style: null }, { name: "Heading 1", el: "h1", style: null }, { name: "Heading 2", el: "h2", style: null }, { name: "Heading 3", el: "h3", style: null }, { name: "Heading 4", el: "h4", style: null }, { name: "Heading 5", el: "h5", style: null }, { name: "Heading 6", el: "h6", style: null }, { name: "VERBATIM", el: "pre", style: "TMLverbatim" }, { name: "LITERAL", el: "span", style: "WYSIWYG_LITERAL" }, { name: "Protect on save", el: null, style: "WYSIWYG_PROTECTED" }, { name: "Protect forever", el: null, style: "WYSIWYG_STICKY" } ], paste_create_paragraphs : true, paste_create_linebreaks : false, paste_convert_middot_lists : true, paste_convert_headers_to_strong : false, paste_remove_spans: true, paste_remove_styles: true, paste_strip_class_attributes: "all", theme_advanced_buttons1 : "foswikiformat,separator,bold,italic,sup,sub,tt,colour,removeformat,separator,bullist,numlist,outdent,indent,blockquote,separator,link,unlink,anchor,separator,undo,redo,separator,search,replace", theme_advanced_buttons2: "tablecontrols,separator,attach,image,charmap,hr,separator,code,hide,fullscreen", theme_advanced_buttons3: "", theme_advanced_toolbar_location: "top", theme_advanced_resize_horizontal : false, theme_advanced_resizing : true, theme_advanced_path: false, theme_advanced_statusbar_location : "bottom", keep_styles : false, content_css : "/pub/System/TinyMCEPlugin/wysiwyg_src.css,/pub/System/SkinTemplates/base.css,/pub/System/PatternSkinTheme/style.css,/pub/System/PatternSkinTheme/colors.css"

The above Set statement will give sup and sub buttons on the first toolbar row. The trick is that in the advanced_theme, these buttons are known as sup and sub, which should be included in your toolbar def.

I am very slowly working towards making the TinyMCEPlugin much more user friendly for customising toolbar and plugins. This work won't be ready until later this year.

In the meantime, please be aware that if you do set a custom TINYMCEPLUGIN_INIT Eg. in your SitePreferences topic, to please check every time you upgrade the plugin or your foswiki that the default _INIT has not changed; and if it has, to incorporate the changes Foswiki has made to the default into your own custom _INIT string.


-- PaulHarvey - 11 Jan 2010


-- PhilippLeufke - 11 Jan 2010

Doesn't work on Foswiki 1.1.2 for me

-- PhilippWeber - 26 Nov 2010

On Foswiki 1.1.x just add the following line to your Main.SitePreferences
-- PhilippWeber - 29 Nov 2010

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