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CPU Usage of 50% because of Perl


I installed FosWiki to my Windows Computer (Foswiki- The installation works great and it was pretty easy. But after, i think about 2 or 3 weeks, the Windows machine gets more and more slowly. I looked at the task manager of the PC - there is a process called "perl.exe". I know that this is a process of the Wiki installation and that I need Perl for Foswiki. But this process still uses 50% of my CPU. Sometimes it opens twice automatically, so my CPU´s usage is about 100%.

Hardware of the PC:
  • Dual Core CPU 2,8 GHz
  • 3,75 GB Ram
I don´t know what to do.. I hope u can help me.

-- MortenRiedel - 26 Jun 2009

Do you have any special plugins installed on your Foswiki? Which webserver do you use? If Apache, do you use mod_perl or any other perl accelerator?

-- OliverKrueger - 26 Jun 2009

Im using Apache 2.2 and Strawberry Perl. This got installed automatically.

This plugins are installed:

TWikiCompatibilityPlugin none
SpreadSheetPlugin none
ActionTrackerPlugin none
ApprovalPlugin none
CommentPlugin none
EditTablePlugin none
ExcelImportExportPlugin none
InterwikiPlugin none
MediaPlugin none
PreferencesPlugin none
SlideShowPlugin none
SmiliesPlugin none
TablePlugin none
TinyMCEPlugin none
TwistyPlugin none
WorkflowPlugin none

-- MortenRiedel - 29 Jun 2009

Hard to tell... Some (view?) processes are hanging. Any chance to inspect those zombies? (Which topic is being view, etc?)

Afaik ExcelImportExportPlugin calls some external binaries. Maybe those child-processes hang.

-- OliverKrueger - 29 Jun 2009

mh, Im going to reinstall the System. Can I copy my actually Wiki version and paste it later?

I want to make 2 partitions - c:\ and d:\! Wiki was installed to C:\Program Files\Foswiki before. Now it is installed to D:\FosWiki\. Can I copy my wiki files there?

-- MortenRiedel - 30 Jun 2009

Ok, I trieed it myself and it works partly. I copied the most files of the FosWiki foulder from c:\Program files\ and inserted it to d:\Foswiki\. My webs are still there - but only the higher Webs.

If I insert the lib foulder my Wiki installation doesn´t work. Where are the lower Webs, i need them :/

  • Web 1 (restored)

    • Web 1.1 (not restored)
    • Web 1.2 (not restored)
    • Web 1.3 (not restored)
  • Web 2 (restored)

    • Web 2.1 (not restored)
    • Web 2.2 (not restored)
    • Web 2.3(not restored)
-- MortenRiedel - 30 Jun 2009

boing, I´m so stupid..

I forgot to enable Subwebs.. thanks for trieing helping me =)

-- MortenRiedel - 30 Jun 2009

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