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EasyTimeline functional on Foswiki?

I see the re-release of this in march, yet no progress in getting this functional. Can someone confirm?

Install via Configure without error.

Confirmed CPAN dependencies.

Apt-get ploticus and confirmed function from command line.

Yet the topic doesn't render the example, and the warn log contains:

| 2009-06-16T21:58:35Z warning | TWiki::Plugins::EasyTimelinePlugin could not be loaded. Errors were:

"use" not allowed in expression at /var/www/foswiki.local/lib/TWiki/Plugins/ line 97, at end of line

(Might be a runaway multi-line '' string starting on line 59)

syntax error at /var/www/foswiki.local/lib/TWiki/Plugins/ line 97, near "eval 'use TWiki::Contrib::CairoContrib"

Compilation failed in require at (eval 59) line 2.

at (eval 59) line 2

Foswiki::Plugin::BEGIN() called at /var/www/foswiki.local/lib/TWiki/Plugins/ line 2

eval {...} called at /var/www/foswiki.local/lib/TWiki/Plugins/ line 2

eval 'use TWiki::Plugins::EasyTimelinePlugin

;' called at /var/www/foswiki.local/lib/Foswiki/ line 133

-- CraigBowers - 16 Jun 2009

Accepted Answer

This looks like you are using the TWiki version of EasyTimelinePlugin, and possibly an old version at that.

Try the Foswiki version from Extensions.EasyTimelinePlugin. I have been using it without any problems.

If you have them both installed then you need to ensure that {Plugins}{EasyTimelinePlugin}{Module} is set to Foswiki::Plugins::EasyTimelinePlugin in configure.

Let us know how you get on.

-- AndrewJones - 17 Jun 2009

Actually it was current. Updated via Configure the previous day. However your reply caused my to go back and look yet again, and indeed Configure:Plugins {Plugins}{DBCachePlugin}{Module}

Still had: TWiki::Plugins::DBCachePlugin (the content was originally in a TWiki instance and brought over to Foswiki).

Thanks for the refresher on checking that. I'd mis-assumed that a new or Foswiki'd extension install, or a re-install would set that to the new plugin location.

-- CraigBowers - 18 Jun 2009

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