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This question about Configuration: Needs followup in Tasks

Cannot get WidgetsSkin working with IE7 and IE8

I have been trying to get this configured and working under IE7 and IE8, but the output has me baffled. I read some of the comments in Foswiki.css, but there is a lot of customization for Opera/Mozilla that has me a little confused in order to debug it. Note that the presentation looks OK in all browsers when using WidgetsSampleDesign2 or WidgetsSampleDesign3, but not WidgetsSampleDesign. I have tried various combinations and changing the WIDGETSSKIN_DESIGNTOPIC seems to be the key, which is why I am focused on Foswiki.css.

In my testing, I have verified the display is correct for Mozilla Firefox 3 and IE6, but does not display correctly for IE7 and IE8 with the following settings:

=========excerpt from SitePreferences.txt=============

<!-- Preferences start here -->

Select the Widget skin:

* Set SKIN = widgets

Get the common text section definitions from this topic (see the "Customisation" section in WidgetsSkin for more information on what this means):

* Set WIDGETSSKIN_DESIGNTOPIC = System/WidgetsSampleDesign

Get the Moveable Type compatible CSS and images from this topic (must be in the System):

* Set WIDGETSSKIN_CSSFILE = http://wiki/foswiki/pub/System/WidgetsSkin/themes/cityscape-sf/screen.css

Get the extra CSS required by Foswiki from this topic

* Set WIDGETSSKIN_TWIKICSSFILE = /foswiki/pub/System/WidgetsSampleDesign/Foswiki.css

Set the column preference:



Any ideas? Does anyone have this skin running in production with IE users?
thats pretty weird. how does my site look n IE7/8 ?

-- SvenDowideit - 14 Jun 2009

@Sven: A bit offtopic, but your site looks strange with IE6, too: The Sidebar, which is on the right with FF, is below the normal content.

-- OliverKrueger - 14 Jun 2009

@Sven: I tried your site and it works well on IE7/8. However, I also checked out and and they both have the same problems with IE7/8 that I do. I also notice that if I try to use a single-column or 2-column configuration, it seems to work, but not 3-column. However, I have not tried all combinations.

-- SteveVanDomelen - 15 Jun 2009

Sounds like a bug. Please file a bug report (task item).

-- OliverKrueger - 25 Jul 2009

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Status Needs followup in Tasks
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