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LdapContrib documentation could be clearer regarding configuration

Hello all,

I'm trying to run Foswiki 2.1.2 using LDAP authentication for logging in users.

I used configure to select and install LdapContrib extension as well as NewUserPlugin extension.

After saving configuration elements created during the install process, I reloaded the configure web page.

There, in the section "Extensions / Extension operation and mainenance", the NewUserPlugin appears as a separate tab. This tab provides access to configuration options of the NewUserPlugin. Further the NewUserPlugin is listed under section "enable or disable installed extensions". However, LdapContrib isn't.

Obviously, LdapContrib was installed on my installation but I see no way to set its configuration through configure although according to LdapContrib#Configuration , configure should at least provide a section "for an explanation of the various options".

Please advise!

EDIT: After some digging, I found the LDAP configuration section unter "Security and Authentication / LDAP". Is that correct? This is not obvious, so I suggest to add this to the documentation.

-- DannyBoy - 24 Jan 2017

You are correct: Foswiki Contribs such as LdapContrib are not listed under the section for enabling/disabling plugins. Contribs do not get turned on/off in the way that plugins do. They simply install components that may be used by different parts of the Foswiki core. Their configuration options (if there are any) will show up under those areas of Foswiki engine that they affect - in this case under "Security and Authentication / LDAP".

I concur with your feedback that this might be somewhat confusing for new users. Reviewing the LdapContrib documentation, it would be helpful for it to reference exactly where in the configure interface one finds the associated settings. Here's a tip: use the search in configure to locate a particular setting. For example enter {Ldap}{Host} into the search box at top-right of configure screen.

-- Main.LynnwoodBrown - 24 Jan 2017

Hi Lynwood, thank you for your prompt reply.

I'd like to point out that the extension section (of configure) offers configuration of several "Contribs", e.g., JSCalendarContrib, JsonRpcContrib and MailerContrib, to name a few.

Therefore, I (wrongly) concluded that all extensions ("Plugins" as well as "Contribs") would be configured in that way.

-- Daniel

Hi Lynwood, does it make sense to edit Extensions.LdapContrib to improve the documentation?

Although I can edit the content (I just tried and after all, it's a wiki) I refrained from adding substantially to it as I think these edits would not be permanent. I assume that changes to the official documentation have to be committed to the Git repository instead.

-- Daniel

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