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Hi guys, I just started using FOSWIKI in my organization, incredible.

I am running it on ubuntu 16.04 and apache 2.4 and mod_perl

Whenever I try to upload a file, I always get this message

"Either you did not specify a file name, or the file you are trying to upload screenshotaufloesung.png has no content. You may not upload an empty file."

and in the error_log it shows.

[Fri Dec 9 08:40:33 2016] upload: Use of uninitialized value $fname in hash element at /var/www/foswiki/core/lib/Foswiki/ line 734.

[Fri Dec 9 08:40:33 2016] upload: Use of uninitialized value in hash element at /var/www/foswiki/core/lib/Foswiki/ line 704.

-- CobraKoral - 09 Dec 2016

Are you sure you are actually running Foswiki 2.1.2? I just did a fresh install of 2.1.2 under mod_perl on a debian system, and upload/attach is working just fine. I'll have to build another VM to actually test it on ubuntu 16.04.

If you upgraded to 2.1.2, did you restart apache after the upgrade? Otherwise the older code will remain in memory.

-- GeorgeClark - 09 Dec 2016

Hello George, first of all thanks a lot for your help. I just did a fresh install on my organization. I decided to use mod_perl instead of cgi, I haven't upgraded from an older install.

O the git branch, I am using: /var/www/foswiki# git branch * Release02x01 master

And on System WebHome it shows: This site is running Foswiki version v2.1.2, Release Foswiki-2.1.2, Plugin API version 2.4

-- CobraKoral - 12 Dec 2016

/var/www/foswiki# git branch

* Release02x01


-- CobraKoral - 12 Dec 2016

I also installed as the README instructions, using the command:

cd core && ./ default

-- CobraKoral - 12 Dec 2016

Maybe I did something wrong, I don't understand how to use git for production installations. How can I make sure git will not "change" the webs I have changed if it is tracking these files like:

core/data/Main/AdminGroup.txt ; core/data/Main/SitePreferences.txt ; core/data/Main/WebHome.txt ; core/data/Main/WebNotify.txt

git status command results:

-- CobraKoral - 12 Dec 2016

Ah... git is usually only used for developer installations. If you are using a git checkout for production, It's probably best to consider using an alternate Main and Sandbox web. For my own git install (though not production), I have a Usersweb and Playground.

You would need to first copy data/Main, pub/Main, data/Sandbox and pub/Sandbox to the new webnames. Then using bin/configure, under Miscellaneous tab, click Show Expert button, and then use the "Web and topic names" tab to change the two webnames. I would not recommend changing System web name.

Note though that if you pseudo-install any extensions that "install" Sandbox and Main topics, they will go to original webs and not your renamed webs. The regular extension_installer can handle renamed webs, but cannot.

If you are using the "master" branch, that's probably pretty risky. It does indeed get broken on occasion. The Release02x01 branch is going to be safer. But really for production, sticking with the released tarballs is probably the best bet. When you run a git checkout, you miss out on all the compressed/minified javascript and css.

-- GeorgeClark - 12 Dec 2016

Got it. I will definitely start using the tarball then.

I thought using git for foswiki in production was the preferred way.

I will install it again from tarball this time on the same environment, tomorrow I will post the results.

Thanks George.

-- CobraKoral - 12 Dec 2016

Hello George, I did as you said, and it worked like a charm. I did a tarball installation and restored the pages I had created from the git installation. Using the mod_perl installation in apache, on ubuntu 16.04 and running with no problems.


-- CobraKoral - 09 Feb 2017

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