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User registration error

Hello support team.

I am the owner of " ". When I want to register a new user I can not click the "Register"button, after filling in the form. Please find the related reply of support team of my hosting company below and help me to solve the issue. Thanks in advance.

Hello Sinan,

Thank you for your update.

I have checked the form with the above-provided information and this time when clicking on the Register button, indeed nothing happened. However, I have noticed that when you hover the button it is showing the following link:

Most probably the script behind the Registred button should be reconfigured in order the issue to be resolved. Note that the button in clickable but nothing happens. To resolve this, you should contact your developer and inform him/her with the information from this ticket.

If you have any other questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best Regards,

Danny Walker Genius Support Team

-- SinanGUL - 24 Nov 2016

I solved the problem myself. Thanks for your silence so far. smile

-- SinanGUL - 25 Nov 2016

Sorry for the silence. I did visit your site yesterday and tried to figure out what was going on. I've never seen the registration page behave that way, and nothing jumped out as to what was going on. There were no 404's or other issues in the loading of the page components.

Any chance you could share what the issue was? Maybe something in the tailoring instructions needs clarification. (And I see you've disabled registration now, so I can't see the changes wink )


-- GeorgeClark - 25 Nov 2016

Hello George, Thank you very much for your kind interest about my above issue. Let me share my experience about it: It was totally my mistake, and a kind of my confusion.

I tried to register new user by using " " link instead of " ". As you can see it was so easy confusing the mentioned two link, so I did it. smile Now, everything is OK, and I know the right link to register new user.

-- SinanGUL - 27 Nov 2016

Something strange is going on. System.UserRegistration should work. It looks for a customized Main.UserRegistration, and if it's missing it falls back to System.DefaultUserRegistration. But the user should only need to visit the one UserRegistration topic.

So something is still wrong if System.UserRegistration does not work.
  • Make sure that Main.UserRegistration does not exist. If it does exist, then it should be a tailored copy of System.DefaultUserRegistration.

You seem to have "read protected" your Usersweb and System web. It might be that there is some topic that is not allowed view that is required for successful registration.

If this is a site that you are migrating from an old release of Foswiki or TWiki, it could be that the previously customized Main.UserRegistration page is not compatible with the latest System pages, and needs to be rebuild.

  • Take a look at (You will need to log in to see the raw view.)
    • Note that other than the documentation, the only active line is the %INCLUDE, which looks for two topics in order, and takes the first one that exists:
      • UserRegistration in the Users web
      • DefaultUserRegistration in the System web

-- GeorgeClark - 27 Nov 2016

I will shed some light to it. I'm the original poster's coach. We made the System and Main Web invisible for WikiGuest. We seem to have forgotten to disable the UserRegistration in configure, so the public registration is then no longer offered. We need to double check if it works out.

-- MartinRaabe - 28 Nov 2016

One change we made in 2.1.x - don't recall when specifically - was to pass through System and Main and make sure that any topics that are needed for functional Guest access are forced to "ALLOWTOPICVIEW = *" in the topic Meta or the topic text. Foswiki should be fully functional, including user registration, with Main and System access denied to WikiGuest. So if we've missed something, it's important to find it.

However I'm more suspicious that you have a stale UserRegistration topic in the Users web that is non-function, given that DefaultUserRegistration works.

-- GeorgeClark - 28 Nov 2016

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