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Is there anyway to auto create user from CASLogin?


I'm setting up a wiki for my company. We have a CAS server, but when i log in by CASLoginContrib, I found i can't find the user in any gourp. But what i want is, when a user is ahthenticated by CAS, it will automatically registered on my wiki. Is there anyway to do it?

Have a look at NewUserPlugin. It does not add users to a group but creates a profile page for a user that has logged in one or the other way (ldap, cas, cert, ...)

-- Main.MichaelDaum - 02 Sep 2016 - 11:14

Then how can create a real user when login by CAS? I need to do access control for those who login from CAS

-- YangCheng - 02 Sep 2016

According to the logs ...

This Authentication infrastructure can be coupled together with an external User mapper such as Foswiki:Extensions.LdapContrib, allowing foswiki to 'outsource' its user details.

... you need to install LdapContrib as well. Never had the opportunity to use CAS my self ...

-- MichaelDaum - 02 Sep 2016

Now i switch to our LDAP services. But after days of trying, i can't get it worked.Always said ""Oops: we could not recognize you. Try again or reset your password.""

And the apache2 log says "dn not found". Now i till don't know where is going wrong.

-- YangCheng - 06 Sep 2016

I'm not really familiar with LDAP, how does foswiki authenticate user by LDAP? Using bind process? If so, why do i need to provide "bindDN?"

-- YangCheng - 06 Sep 2016

Is there anyway i can dump the LDAP cache and find what's wrong?

-- YangCheng - 06 Sep 2016

sub getDnOfLogin { my ($this, $loginName, $data) = @_;

return unless $loginName;

$loginName = lc($loginName) unless $this->{caseSensitiveLogin}; $data ||= $this->{data};

my $key=""; my $value=""; writeDebug("get each key"); while(($key, $value) = each($data)) { writeDebug("key is $key, value is $value"); }

return Foswiki::Sandbox::untaintUnchecked($data->{"U2DN::$loginName"}); }

I add some logs and try to print things in data, and found $data is empty. Why?

-- YangCheng - 06 Sep 2016

Finally i directly sudo rm cache.db*. And everything is OK. But i still don't get why i get a empty database

-- YangCheng - 06 Sep 2016

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