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Topic icons incorrect


I installed Foswiki 2.0.1 and the NatSkin Plugin (Version 25 Feb 2016).

The topic icons are not displayed correctly:

(% data-subscribe-message='Subscribed to ${topicTitle}' data-unsubscribe-message='Unsubscribed from ${topicTitle}'>)


(You are here: %BREADCRUMBS{separator=" » " newtopicformat="$topic"}%)

The edit function returns the following error:

Foswiki detected an internal error - please check your Foswiki logs and webserver logs for more information.
Undefined subroutine &Locale::Country::alias_code called

-- PeterKrone - 07 Mar 2016

Please use JQueryPlugin from here: Extensions.Testing.JQueryPlugin

The other error is related to MultiLingualPlugin using a deprecated api in Locales::Country ... which the latest release fixed.

-- MichaelDaum - 08 Mar 2016

I updated the JQueryPlugin and Locales::Country. Now I can edit the Topics but just without WYSIWYG. NatEditPlugin is installed... When I use the Editor, there is no section with the WYSIWYG buttons. (See attached file)

-- PeterKrone - 14 Mar 2016

Any javascript errors?

-- MichaelDaum - 15 Mar 2016

There are no errors in the browser console. The WYSIWYG Editor works with IE8 but not with Firefox 45.0 and Chrome..

-- PeterKrone - 15 Mar 2016

Hard to say what's going on then. Worx here frown, sad smile

-- MichaelDaum - 15 Mar 2016

I usually don't attach myself to answered topics, but I' exactly in the same situation as PeterKrone and have the same topic-icons-issue. However, I installed JQueryPlugin from Extensions.Testing.JQueryPlugin and there is no change at all. I'm quite new to FosWiki, so I might miss something obvious. I know there is at least another FosWiki installation hosted on the same server using NatSkin without that issue.

-- PatrickVonDerHagen - 22 Mar 2016

I've upgraded from version 2.0.2 to 2.1.2, then I upgrade all the extensions except NatSkin. Everything works up to here.

After I upgraded NatSkin to version (25 Feb 2016) I have exact same problem displaying the topic actions:

(% data-subscribe-message='Subscribed to ${topicTitle}' data-unsubscribe-message='Unsubscribed from ${topicTitle}'>)

Under my desperation I went to System/SiteTopicActions and deleted the line with: "$action(subscribe)"

Here is the screenshot of my issue: Is there a cleaner way to fix this?

-- AlexAnder - 28 Jun 2016

This is a bug in foswiki.nat.tmpl using a macro from ClassificationPlugin where it shouldn't ... or only when installed.

Will follow up at Tasks.Item14101

-- MichaelDaum - 28 Jun 2016

So ... is there already a solution to the described problem ... same here with a fresh installation (nov 2016)?

-- MichaelSchmid - 13 Nov 2016

I'm not a foswiki expert (installation 19/12/2016) and I have the same pb with NatSkin. It displays }% data-subscribe-message='Subscribed to ${topicTitle}' data-unsubscribe-message='Unsubscribed from ${topicTitle}'> near the more button. Any solution? Thanks

-- FabriceT - 07 Jan 2017

I have seen this issue also on multiple new installations of NatSkin. The issue is with the "Subscribe" action and while I don't have the complete fix, I can share a short-term fix. Go to System.SiteTopicActions and create a local copy to customize it. To do this, select "Copy Topic" form under the "More" menu, set "Destination" to Main.SiteTopicActions and click on "Copy". Now you can customize you site-wide topic actions without risking it being over-written in a later upgrade. Finally, delete "$action(subscribe)" from near the bottom of the menu list. You might paste that action outside the INCLUDE to save for later use. Then save your topic. You topic actions will then display correctly.

-- LynnwoodBrown - 07 Jan 2017

A really odd thing is that I later put back the "$action(subscribe)" in the same place and then it did start working correctly, so go figure. I'm trying to figure out what else I might have changed in the new installation that might have made a difference but haven't found it yet. In any case, the action above will at least make the topic actions display correctly until we figure out what's happening with the subscribe action.

-- LynnwoodBrown - 07 Jan 2017

With a little more fiddling, I did figure out what had changed: I had installed ClassificationPlugin. If this plugin is enabled, then the subscribe action works, if not enabled, then the rendering get's broken. I have no idea why this would be but perhaps it provides some hint to MichaelDaum as to what's happening.

-- LynnwoodBrown - 07 Jan 2017

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