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IIS ARR/URL Rewrite - Reverse Proxy with FosWiki

I have an IIS server setup with Application Request Routing / URL Rewrite. It is doing it's job perfectly for all other servers/services that I had setup. For some reason, for FosWiki, it is not redirecting correctly after one logs in.

The foswiki server works fine internally and redirects to the following link after logging in:

When logging in externally, it is redirected to: - which contains an IIS 404 File or Directory not found error.

Would someone with more knowledge than I, please assist with this issue.



There is an expert setting in bin/configure - {ForceDefaultUrlHost}, This typically needs to be enabled when using a reverse proxy. You might try enabling it. I'm not sure what else might be going on.

-- GeorgeClark

Also, if you are using a reverse proxy, you may have to disable IP matching

In configure, see: Security and Authentication > Sessions > {Sessions}{UseIPMatching}

-- GeorgeClark

Thanks George for your suggestion. I initially tried it with {ForceDefaultURLHost} and it did not work. I had forgotten about the IPMatching, but setting these to the appropriate configuration did not change my error. Looking at my Nginx-Foswiki log, i'm seeing these errors:

13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http script var: "/var/www/foswiki"
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http filename: "/var/www/foswiki/pub/System/WebFontsContrib/roboto/font-face.css"
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 add cleanup: 00000000018482F0
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [error] 9576#0: *1033 open() "/var/www/foswiki/pub/System/WebFontsContrib/roboto/font-face.css" failed (2: No such file or directory), client: 10.224.x.x, ser
ver:, request: "GET /pub/System/WebFontsContrib/roboto/font-face.css HTTP/1.1", host: "", referrer: ""
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http finalize request: 404, "/pub/System/WebFontsContrib/roboto/font-face.css?" a:1, c:1
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http special response: 404, "/pub/System/WebFontsContrib/roboto/font-face.css?"
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http set discard body
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 xslt filter header
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 write new buf t:1 f:0 0000000001848890, pos 0000000001848890, size: 185 file: 0, size: 0
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http write filter: l:0 f:0 s:185
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http output filter "/pub/System/WebFontsContrib/roboto/font-face.css?"
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http copy filter: "/pub/System/WebFontsContrib/roboto/font-face.css?"
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 image filter
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 xslt filter body
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http postpone filter "/pub/System/WebFontsContrib/roboto/font-face.css?" 0000000001848AB8
2016/01/04 13:37:31 [debug] 9576#0: *1033 http gzip filter

Do you have WebFontsContrib installed? It looks like those files might be missing?

-- Main.GeorgeClark - 04 Jan 2016 - 20:55

GeorgeClark, the WebFontsContrib looks to be from the NatSkin Extension. I removed the skin parameters from Web Preferences. The errors for the /pub/System/WebFontsContrib is now gone; however, the 404 error still remains.

I'm missing something small, any suggestion on how to sift through the logs for better diagnosis? I'm a novice linux user.

Thanks again.

-- SonLe - 04 Jan 2016

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