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Integrate Solr Search with Foswiki 1.1.9

-- ChrisModen - 22 Oct 2014


Hi Guys,

(Tried to email foswiki-discuss, but apparently it doesn't accept html code in the content...)

I've successfully installed foswiki & solr, using this guide, specifically following the SolrPlugin.txt attached therein.
I originally installed FW 1.1.9 etc, inc the SolrPlugin using the fosiki rpms

So far I've got FW and solr (solr-jetty) running.
I can index stuff successfully from the cmd line, and I can force a solr search by adding the example macro to a test page.

However, I was expecting that Solr Search would be used by the normal Search (& Jump ?) input boxes as well.

The site I'm building for work is used for storing technical info and attached files, but I can't expect people to start learning and writing Lucene/solr 'code'.
(Especially when they are just searching for an article/content)

Am I wrong in assuming that solr should be called by (ie intercept) a 'normal' search?

The src code for the webpage search fields is:
<form name="" action=" [[view-source:][/foswiki/bin/view/Main/WebSearch]]"><input id="" title="" type="" class="" name="" value="" size="" /><noscript> <input type="submit" size="5" name="submit" value="Jump" /> </noscript> </form> </li> <li> <form name="" action=" [[view-source:][/foswiki/bin/view/Main/WebSearch]]"><input type="" class="" title="" id="" name="" value="" size="" /><input type="" name="" value="" /><input type="" name="" value="" /><noscript> <input type="submit" size="5" name="submit" value="Search" /> </noscript> </form>

and there is a line higher up that refers to solrsearch:
<script src=' [[view-source:][/foswiki/pub/System/SolrPlugin/solr-searchbox.js]]'></script><!--SOLRPLUGIN::SEARCHBOX--> 
I'm no web programmer, so does that mean that there should be a separate SolrSearch box I should be seeing (but am not), or should it 'intercept' the actual search when the std websearch box is used?

autotemplate is setup as recommended

I'm using tcpdump to check whether solr is actually called or not.
Chris Moden

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