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User Topic Created but WikiUsers not Updated

This plugin works in terms of creating the user topic, but there's no corresponding entry in the WikiUsers topic.

Is that a config issue on my end, a bug, or maybe outside the scope of what this extension does?

If not in scope, any thoughts on how to keep the WikiUser topic up to date?

Possibly related: the UserList topic shows the recently added topic, but not as a link, but as the username surrounded by double square brackets.

Related to the UserList issue, when the user topic is edited, and the all blank form filled out, then the user shows as a link in UserList, but still doesn't show up in WikiUsers.

Finally, why is the form blank when editing the topic? The topic isn't blank: the username, email and address are shown in the body, but the form is blank.

Thanks, sorry for so many questions, I wasn't sure whether to break them out separately or not, but they are all tied together.

-- MikeRodriquez - 09 Jan 2014

NewUserPlugin is not intending to maintain WikiUsers.

NewUserPlugin is most commonly used together with an LDAP setup where no registration on Foswiki itself is required. LdapContrib therefore reads all user information, including mapping the login to a WikiName from the LDAP directory. This is called "user mapping".

In comparison, the native (non-LDAP) topic based user mapping of Foswiki stores the login-!WikiName mapping in the WikiUsers topic. So besides its purpose of listing all registered users, it plays quite an important technical role ... but only if you are using the native topic user mapping.

In the LDAP case, all of this mapping is stored in the LDAP directory. So the WikiUsers topic isn't required technically anymore. It is safe to empty it and replace it with a wiki applications that lists all known users otherwise, e.g. using the %LDAPUSERS macro, which displays the LDAP user mapping.

Unfortunately, there's no generic way to list all known users. So you will have to use a wiki app specific to your setup, like using the %LDAPUSERS macro in the LDAP case.

-- MichaelDaum - 09 Jan 2014

Thanks. This makes sense and confirms my understanding.

-- MikeRodriquez - 10 Jan 2014

Followup: why is the form blank when editing the user topic? I thought it would be filled out like the body of the page, with data from the LDAP lookup that created the topic. Thanks!

-- MikeRodriquez - 10 Jan 2014

And ... I'm not finding any info on how to use the %LDAP macro. Any pointers would be appreciated; thanks!

-- MikeRodriquez - 10 Jan 2014

Answering my own question:


more info:

-- MikeRodriquez - 10 Jan 2014

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