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Plugin is broken? Foswiki 1.1.8, freshly installed.

I used this plugin a lot in Foswiki 1.1.2. Now have another Foswiki installation and the plugin works only partially: Java editing seems to be fine, "Edit" buttons appear, HOWEVER when I click on either "Edit Row" or "Edit Table", the row / table is open for editing BUT all buttons disappear, i.e. no possibility to "Save". EditTablePlugin is not only disabled but even removed. Same behavour in Firefox / Chromium / IE. Ubuntu 12.04 server.

-- ValentinKozlov - 10 Nov 2013

From IRC
(17:19:22) CDot: that's basically what you just reported in IRC. As I said, there is not enough information to help you further :-(
(17:20:04) CDot: all I can suggest is you restart your apache server and clear your browser cache (in case it's a caching problem) and try again

Note that the latest release of EditRowPlugin (3.0.4) has a workaround for the PatternSkin bug we discussed in IRC.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 11 Nov 2013

I can confirm that the buttons appear and the changed content is saved, once the latest release is installed. But other buttons (except "save") behave unexpectedly:

up - which row is edited jumps up (expected: row open for editing goes up). If row close to the header, the order of rows changes completely (e.g. header moves down)

down - similar behavour to "up", only that which row is edited goes down, again expected that the row open for editing goes down.

"+" - add row, new row is added above, not as marked "after this row / at the end"

"-" causes complete failure, error message: " Can't locate object method "getFirstLiveRow" via package "Foswiki::Plugins::EditRowPlugin::Table" "

Foswiki log:
| 2013-11-12T13:03:51Z warning | Can't locate object method "getFirstLiveRow" via package "Foswiki::Plugins::EditRowPlugin::Table" at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Plugins/EditRowPlugin/ line 621.
  at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Plugins/EditRowPlugin/ line 621
    Foswiki::Plugins::EditRowPlugin::Table::deleteRowCmd('Foswiki::Plugins::EditRowPlugin::Table=HASH(0x97487fc)', 'HASH(0x962b8d4)') called at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Plugins/EditRowPlugin/ line 147
    eval {...} called at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Plugins/EditRowPlugin/ line 147
    Foswiki::Plugins::EditRowPlugin::Save::process('Foswiki=HASH(0x903bed0)', 'EditRowPlugin', 'save', 'Foswiki::Response=HASH(0x903d970)') called at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Plugins/ line 57
    Foswiki::Plugins::EditRowPlugin::save('Foswiki=HASH(0x903bed0)', 'EditRowPlugin', 'save', 'Foswiki::Response=HASH(0x903d970)') called at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 704
    Foswiki::Func::__ANON__('Foswiki=HASH(0x903bed0)', 'EditRowPlugin', 'save', 'Foswiki::Response=HASH(0x903d970)') called at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/UI/ line 242
    Foswiki::UI::Rest::rest('Foswiki=HASH(0x903bed0)') called at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 316
    Foswiki::UI::__ANON__() called at /usr/share/perl5/ line 416
    eval {...} called at /usr/share/perl5/ line 408
    Error::subs::try('CODE(0x8a6a968)', 'HASH(0x903bb74)') called at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 435
    Foswiki::UI::_execute('Foswiki::Request=HASH(0x8ff2c54)', 'CODE(0x8ff28d0)', 'rest', 1) called at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/ line 274
    Foswiki::UI::handleRequest('Foswiki::Request=HASH(0x8ff2c54)') called at /var/lib/foswiki/lib/Foswiki/Engine/ line 41
    Foswiki::Engine::CGI::run('Foswiki::Engine::CGI=HASH(0x8c4fa60)') called at /var/lib/foswiki/bin/rest line 24.

JQueryPlugin is 4.45

EditRowPlugin (11 Nov 2013, v3.0.4)

TablesContrib: Version: 15351 (2012-08-29)

-- ValentinKozlov - 12 Nov 2013

I fixed a number of problems in the EditRowPlugin and TablesContrib. Please install the latest, and let me know how you get on.

Note that I do not monitor changes in the Support web, so if you want to alert me to a bug you will have to raise it in the Tasks web.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 12 Nov 2013

After installing the newest version, 3.0.5 from 12-Nov-2013, the plugin works fine! Thank you!

-- ValentinKozlov - 18 Nov 2013

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