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Foswiki acts different on Linux vs Windows browsers

Hi everyone. So I been having some odd issues related to browsers and the new foswiki installation. On the server machine if I bring up Firefox, I can easily log in with the proper user and create/edit topics on sandbox. But when I open Firefox on a windows machine the webpage is all texts links. And I can login but can't edit the post I just made using the Linux Firefox. Kind of beat my head on this issue for the last day.

I have included 2 screenshots to illustrate the difference. Looking for Foswiki Guru's to help! Thank you.

Can you take a look at the html page source on the two browsers? The issue sounds like the source URLs' for the CSS and Javascript are being generated incorrectly.
  • What system is the server installed (linux, windows, ...) on?
  • What is the $Foswiki::cfg{PubUrlPath} set to?
-- GeorgeClark - 20 Nov 2012

Thanks for the quick reply. I changed the root path to the installation from www/html to var/lib. And that seemed to have fixed it....But I am confused why that was the issue since the foswiki.conf file I thought would handle the pathing. The pub url is /foswiki/pub. Also I am still unable to add extensions through configure however. I keep getting this:

Consulted locations:

Error accessing Not Found

It is installed on RHEL 6 machine linux.

Ah.. I believe RHEL defaults to the SELinux extensions which applies controls on what web applications are permitted to do. You might also have trouble sending email. That's where the issue typically shows up first.l

There are some notes here: Support/Faq69#SELinux_environments

As far as the www/html vs var/lib, that might also be related to SELinux controls on what directories the httpd task is permitted to access. Or it might be a runaway regex with html in the path. We had issues at one point if data was in the path ahead of Foswiki.

You might try also loading the screen under windows with something like Firebug installed, so that you can view the GET and responses for the css and js resources. Something is blocking the serving of those files. That's typically the cause of an un-styled page. Either the browser is asking for the wrong files, due to a bad url path, or the server is refusing to serve them due to either Foswiki or Apache settings.

-- GeorgeClark - 22 Nov 2012

Also I am still unable to add extensions through configure however. I keep getting this:

Consulted locations:

Error accessing Not Found

It is installed on RHEL 6 machine linux.

This happened to me as well. I installed via RPM, and it appears that some of the default settings are incorrect. I checked the "ExtensionsRepositories", which was set to this:

$Foswiki::cfg{ExtensionsRepositories} = ',

Neither of those two URLs work.

I hit the "Use Default" button, which changed the values to this:,

And now I can download the Plugins.

-- StefanLasiewski - 19 Dec 2012

This last issue appears to have been due to some sort of failure during the upgrade. Note that the correct setting for the {ExtensionsRepositories} is:,

Note that cgi-bin and the /p/pub/ parts of your original value are completely invalid. However, The Extensions installer should not be used to upgrade extensions. If you install using the rpm packages then ONLY use rpm to install extensions. The same consideration applies to debian .deb package users.

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