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%RENDERFORDISPLAY appears instead of attachments table

On my local Foswiki site I installed TopicInteractionPlugin using configure and enabled the resulting plugins. I upgraded a number of plugins at the same time. When I add "Set SKIN = topicinteraction, pattern" to SitePreferences and view any page on the wiki in the browser, the attachments table has been replaced by this:

%RENDERFORDISPLAY{ topic="Main.SitePreferences" excludeattr="[hH]" header="$percntTAB{\"Data form\" id=\"dataform\"}$percnt
$percntBUTTON{\"Help\" title=\"Read more about Data Forms\" icon=\"help\" class=\"simple foswikiRight foswikiMetaDataHelp\" target=\"System.DataForms\" }$percnt
$percntBUTTON{\"Edit form\" title=\"Edit this DataForm\" icon=\"application_form_edit\" class=\"simple\" style=\"margin-right:20px\" target=\";action=form\" }$percnt
" format="" footer="$title: $value

$percntENDTAB$percnt $percntTMPL:P{\"metadata::css\"}$percnt $percntTMPL:P{\"metadata::javascript\"}$percnt" }% %ATTACHMENTS{ hidenull="on" warn="off" attr="^[^h]*$" header="$percntTAB{ \"Attachments ($count)\" id=\"attachments\" url=\";expand=attachments;topic=Main.SitePreferences;render=on;1341977193\" }$percnt
$percntENDTAB$percnt" limit="1" format="" footer="$percntTMPL:P{\"metadata::css\"}$percnt$percntTMPL:P{\"metadata::javascript\"}$percnt" }%

I checked revisions, upgraded plugins, installed optional dependencies, scrutenised the syntax, all to no avail. I'm going to have to disable the plugin until more information comes to light.

FWIW, after upgrading all the plugins while installing TopicInteractionPlugin, the revision string at the bottom of wiki pages (where it's supposed to say "Topic revision: 10 Jul 2012, WikiUser " or whatever) broke. Even though exactly the same markup was used to generate the same string at the top of the page after the breadcrumbs (the markup starts "REVINFO{format="$date, $percntIF{..."), it did not render the second time, instead just spitting out the markup. I eventually "fixed" that by reverting to a plain old "REVINFO" without arguments in view.pattern.tmpl.

-- HeathRaftery - 11 Jul 2012

You did not install all required dependencies of TopicInteractionPlugin. These are:

  • Foswiki::Contrib::JQPrettyPhotoContrib,>=1.10,perl,Optional.
  • Foswiki::Plugins::FilterPlugin,>=2.07,perl,Required.
  • Foswiki::Plugins::FlexFormPlugin,>=2.40,perl,Required.
  • Foswiki::Plugins::FlexPaperPlugin,>=1.1,perl,Optional.
  • Foswiki::Plugins::ImageGalleryPlugin,>=6.00,perl,Optional.
  • Foswiki::Plugins::ImagePlugin,>=2.41,perl,Optional.
  • Foswiki::Plugins::JQueryPlugin,>=3740,perl,Required.
  • Foswiki::Plugins::MetaCommentPlugin,>=1.11,perl,Optional.
  • Foswiki::Plugins::MimeIconPlugin,>=1.1,perl,Required.
  • Foswiki::Plugins::RenderPlugin,>=3.01,perl,Required.

FlexFormPlugin is the one responsible for %RENDERFORDISPLAY.

-- MichaelDaum - 11 Jul 2012

Thanks Michael. On the contrary I did install the required plugins. In fact it was done automatically during the installation of TopicInteractionPlugin. I even went back and installed a few of the optional plugins in desperation.

Anyway, everything worked fine when I upgraded to foswiki 1.1.5.

I've finally learnt my lesson (took a couple of goes) - never upgrade plugins when there is a newer version of foswiki available.

-- HeathRaftery - 12 Jul 2012

I have the same problem, but I am already running the newest foswiki version frown, sad smile

-- HenningDampel - 04 Feb 2020

Henning - can you confirm that you have FlexFormPlugin installed?

-- LynnwoodBrown - 04 Feb 2020

I deinstalled it, and installed it again and now it works. Don't know why it didn't work the first time, all dependencies were installed AFAIK...

-- HenningDampel - 05 Feb 2020

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