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Can I send notifications of actions created today

I was looking for a way to send notifications of actions initiated today. I could not find any reference on any of the plugin pages.

I already have a cron job which sends reminders every day for actions due within 7 days, and another one that sends reminders every Monday for actions due within 30 days. But if for instance I initiate an action request on a given Tuesday, the person I assign the action will receive the notification the next Monday.

Is there a way I could send a notification the same day the action was created?

Maybe somewhat related to the Question956.

Thanks in advance, -- AlexWayne - 14 Feb 2012

Hmmmm. Well, obviously you don't want the spam that would arise if you ran a "due within" query every day. What you really want is a daily "new actions" notification. That query has to find actions that were created within the last (period since the query was last run). So I would use a query based on the created field and a relative date. Without trying it, I would say the answer to your question is "yes" smile

-- CrawfordCurrie - 14 Feb 2012

Thanks for the support! This is what worked for me:
#Every day at 8am notify new actions created yesterday.
0 8 * * *   root    cd /var/lib/foswiki/bin && ../tools/actionnotify "created=\"yesterday\""

I was looking for something to notify immediately or within the hour, such as created=">1 hours ago" , but noticed that ActionTracker does not save HH:MM. Once a day will have to suffice.

-- AlexWayne - 14 Feb 2012

Hi, I also tried to use the created=\"yesterday\" syntax but it doesn't work for me. If I use the complete date "02.04.2012" it shows me the open todo. Is there a problem with the dateformat?

-- MarceL - 03 Apr 2012

Here's what I'm about to try for the same to get the date of yesterday (which didn't work for me when used explicitly, either): "created=\"`date +%Y-%m-%d --date='yesterday'`\"" This gives me a date in the form 2012-05-09 which the script recognizes (at least, for us - I don't know whether regional date formats may affect it - based on your date, you may need to change the format string in the date statement to +%d.%m.%Y)

-- EricLandrieu - 10 May 2012

I have a similar need. Couldn't the "changedsince" param be used? It seems to me that when you create a task, it doesn't register as a "Change". Furthermore, it seems that a change doesn't actually notify the assignee, only the users on the notification list. So do i need to add the assignee to the notification list? I would think this would be how you would want any action to work - the assignee is an automatic notify-ee.

-- JimParker - 01 Jun 2012

More thoughts: "changedsince" works up to the minute, so you could get the fine resolution. The issue is that a newly created task does not get recognized when the "changedsince" query operates. Also, the "changedsince" only generates emails to the notify list, not the assignee, of the task.

I think if "changedsince" had an option to also generate notifications to the assignee, AND if it had an option to also find "newly created" tasks, you'd have a way to notify anyone of a change as soon as you wanted it to work.

-- JimParker - 01 Jun 2012

Hi, I was able to add both the creator and the "who" to the list of nofifiers by modifying findChanges() routine.

this now updates the creator and the assignee on ANY change within whatever cron job frequency you setup the "changedsince" script to run.

-- JimParker - 04 Jun 2012

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