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Broken edit page, and I want TinyMCE to emit newline (<br/> tags) rather than paragraph tags on enter key

I have two problems I need help with:
  1. My WYSIWYG editor and Wiki Text Editor pages are insanely long. The edit box extends for 3917 pages (I checked via print, but I didn't actually print it). I can't get it to go smaller, even with the buttons at the bottom of the page or the arrow at the bottom corner of the box. I have tried reseting everything I can find, and nothing has worked. Please advise.
  2. My other issue is that I have a preference for non-doublespaced content. I would like to know if there's an extension or anything that can let me use "enter" to render the <br /> tag in the WYSIWYG editor so I don't have to hit "shift+enter" over a thousand times nor type the tag that many times. I also don't want to have to use bulleted lists on every page.
Thank you to anyone who can help me.

-- BillyRayStupendous - 13 Feb 2012 Hi there,
  1. That doessound insane! Could you please try,
    • Have you customized EDITBOXHEIGHT, EDITBOXWIDTH or EDITBOXSTYLE perhaps? Usually this is done in your Main.SitePreferences, but to be sure you might just try pasting the following code into a topic somewhere and tell us how it gets displayed:
      height: <pre>%EDITBOXHEIGHT%</pre>, width: <pre>%EDITBOXWIDTH%</pre>, style: <pre>%EDITBOXSTYLE%</pre>
    • I'd love to see a screenshot,
    • If possible, File -> Save As... that edit page so we can capture the HTML. I understand if this is not possible, if you'd rather keep certain things (such as the URL of your wiki) private. Perhaps you'd like to E-mail one of us with a copy of the .html directly.
    • What version of Foswiki? Check System
    • What version of WysiwygPlugin? Check WysiwygPlugin, RELEASE and VERSION detail at bottom
    • What version of TinyMCEPlugin? Check TinyMCEPlugin, RELEASE and VERSION detail at bottom
    • What additional plugins are you running? Check InstalledPlugins
  2. TinyMCE developers are quite opinionated about this, here's their FAQ item discussing it. The force br newlines doc explains how to configure TinyMCE for this behaviour, but makes a good point you can get the same effect through CSS styling of <p> tags. Hrm, let's see if that works in Foswiki (perhaps not, thanks to Tasks.Item11316)
Copy-paste this into a special helper topic, call it, for example, Main.ParaStylesHelper:
  text="<literal><style>div.foswikiTopic p { margin: 0 }</style></literal>"

Then, %INCLUDE% it anywhere you need it, like this:
%INCLUDE{"Main.ParaStylesHelper" section="parastyles"}%

You can put that %INCLUDE% into your WebLeftBar, if you want to enable it for an entire web.

Test, paragraph.

Test, paragraph.

Test, paragraph.

Test, 5 newlines below previous.

Unfortunately, it seems we lose the ability to create newlines at all, with that approach.

Let's see if we can come up with a TinyMCEPlugin config which uses forced_root_block: false - NB: TinyMCE relies on forced_root_block to work around browser bugs, this way lies trouble!

First, I created Question1035TinyMCEPlugin, which you should place in Main.TinyMCEPlugin

Then, we set the TINYMCEPLUGIN_INIT preference to use this new topic for TinyMCE config:
   * Set TINYMCEPLUGIN_INIT_TOPIC = Support.Question1035TinyMCEPlugin

... except I still couldn't make it work frown, sad smile Sorry.

-- PaulHarvey - 13 Feb 2012

Thank you so much! I'm a rank novice, but I'll make time to try all this.

-- BillyRayStupendous - 13 Feb 2012

Closed due to silence.

-- CrawfordCurrie - 31 Aug 2013


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