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Installing Foswiki: Configure Foswiki

Run the configure script from your browser: enter http://yourdomain/foswiki/bin/configure into your browser address bar.

When you access the configure web page for the first time, you can only edit the section General Path Settings. Make any required changes, and save the settings, whether or not you needed to make any changes. You will be prompted to set a password for the configure page: this password must be entered for all subsequent configuration changes, and is also used to log in via the internal admin link (see the step "Define the administrator users"). Note the configuration password is separate from any web server security you have set up for the configure web page (see "Configure the webserver: Protect the configure script").

Continue configuring Foswiki. Resolve any errors or warnings highlighted on the configure page.

In the "Security" section:
  • set SafeEnvPath to /usr/local/bin:/path/to/foswikiApp/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin

In the "Store" section, select "Show expert options", and modify the following, without changing the arguments to the commands:
  • rcs: /usr/bin/rcs -> /usr/local/bin/rcs
  • grep: /usr/bin/grep -> /path/to/foswikiApp/bin/grep
  • ci: /usr/bin/ci -> /usr/local/bin/ci
  • {RCS}{breaklockCmd} : /usr/bin/rcs -> /usr/local/bin/rcs

If your web server can be accessed by more than one domain name make sure to add the additional alternative URLs to {PermittedRedirectHostUrls}

Setup the Mail and Proxies section. The {WebMasterEmail} and {SMTP}{MAILHOST} settings must be defined so Foswiki can send registration emails. Many ISPs have introduced authentication when sending emails to fight spam so you may also have to set {SMTP}{Username} and {SMTP}{Password}. If you do not want to enable sending registration emails or want to enable it later you can uncheck {EnableEmail}. If your server is behind a firewall with a proxy, and you wish to install extensions via configure, you may have to set {PROXY}{HOST} and {PROXY}{PORT}.

Under the Store Settings, you will see the setting {RCS}{SearchAlgorithm}. By default it is set to Foswiki::Store::SearchAlgorithms::Forking which is what you should keep if you install Foswiki in Linux or any other Unix type operating system. If you install Foswiki on a Windows server, you should use Foswiki::Store::SearchAlgorithms::PurePerl.

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  • Set IGVariant = Solaris10
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