Installation Guide: Foswiki 1.1.9 on Windows 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, Active Directory and ActivePerl


This document is a guide to the settings which I used to get a trial Foswiki install running under windows. If it doesn't work for you then please don't blame me but hopefully it will be enough to get you started smile


  • You have a windows 2012 R2 server set up with default settings.
  • You are on a windows domain and you want to use Active Directory for authentication.
  • You have already set up a domain name for your Foswiki site and pointed this to the IP of your server.
  • You have a mail server and you know the name of it.


  • Migrating content from a previous install is not covered in this guide. It's fairly easy to do once you have got things running though.
  • Permissions and security - Locking down the configure page is covered but managing page/web permissions is covered in the Foswiki Documentation.

The Guide

1. Install IIS

  • Server manager -> add roles & features
  • Web server (IIS)
  • Add Windows Authentication
  • Accept other defaults
  • Restart server

2. Install/Extract Files

  • Install notepad++ or your preferred advanced text editor.
  • Run Active Perl 5.16.3 installer package from the ActivePerl website
    • Accept all defaults
  • Extract Foswiki files to C:\foswiki\wwwroot
  • Create new folder C:\foswiki\weblogs

3. Setup IIS

  • Open IIS manager
  • Add new website
    • Site name: Foswiki
    • Physical path: C:\foswiki\wwwroot
    • Host name:
  • Update log folder
    • Open ‘Logging’, change directory to C:\foswiki\weblogs
      • Actions->Apply
  • Add Perl support to IIS
    • Run PowerShell with administrative privileges
    • At the command prompt, type CD C:\perl64
      • Type ap-iis-config add all
      • You may see some ‘use of uninitialized value’ errors but they are safe to ignore and don't appear to affect functionality
      • Open IIS manager and highlight the foswiki website
      • Open handler mappings -> edit Perl CGI for .pl
      • Change Executable
        • from: C:\Perl64\bin\perl.exe "%s" %s
        • to: C:\Perl64\bin\perl.exe -T "%s" %s
  • Set up AD authentication
    • Open Authentication
    • Disable ‘Anonymous Authentication’
    • Enable ‘Windows Authentication’
  • Add MIME types
    • .oft - application/
    • .sql - text/plain
  • Disable custom errors to allow Foswiki custom error codes
    • Open ‘Error Pages’
    • ‘Edit Feature Settings’
    • Select ‘Detailed errors’

4. Update Foswiki files

  • Open C:/foswiki/wwwroot/bin and rename LocalLib.cfg.txt to LocalLib.cfg
    • You may need to turn off ‘Hide extensions for known file types’
  • Edit LocalLib.cfg
    • Replace: $foswikiLibPath = ‘/absolute/path/to/your/lib’;
  • With: $foswikiLibPath = ‘C:/foswiki/wwwroot/lib’;
  • Add .pl to all extension-less files in /bin
  • Perform the following text change on all .pl files in /bin:
    • Replace: @INC = ( '.', grep { $_ ne '.' } @INC );
  • With: unshift @INC, "C:/foswiki/wwwroot/bin/";
  • Remove windows permissions to /bin/ for all users except ‘SYSTEM’ and ‘Administrators’ to prevent unauthorised access
  • Add read/write permissions for ‘Domain Users’to the following folders
    • /data
    • /lib
    • /pub
    • /working

5. Configure Foswiki

  • Open IE
  • Disable ‘Enhanced Protected Mode’ in Internet Options ->Advanced -> security
  • Open
  • Go to ‘General path settings’
    • Set {DefaultURLHost} to
    • Set {ScriptSuffix} to .pl
  • Click Save Changes and enter a secure password
  • Click Set Password and Save Changes
  • Go to ‘Security and authentication’
    • Set {LoginManager} to ApacheLogin
    • Set {PasswordManager} to None
    • Tick {Register}{AllowLoginName}
  • Go to ‘Mail’
    • Set {WebMasterName} to Systems Development
    • Set {WebMasterEmail} to
    • Set {SMTP}{MAILHOST} to your.mail.server
  • Click Save Changes , provide your password and save.

6. Create Wiki Users List

7. Create Scheduled Tasks (optional if you want MailerContrib to work)

  • Extract scheduled task batch files (attached) to C:\Foswiki\
  • Create a new scheduled task and point it to C:\Foswiki\MailerContrib.bat
  • Set the schedule to 0:00 every day
  • Create a new scheduled task and point it to C:\Foswiki\UpdateStats.bat
  • Set the schedule to 1:00 every day
  • Note: feel free to play around with the times to suit

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