How can I stop the WYSIWYG editor converting tables to TML?

Study your System.WysiwygPlugin documentation regarding the WYSIWYGPLUGIN_STICKYBITS preference setting. Change all tags pertaining to HTML tables so that we match any attribute name using .* on the right-hand-side of the key=value; pair, as follows:

   * Set WYSIWYGPLUGIN_STICKYBITS =  (?!IMG).*=id,lang,title,dir,on.*; A=accesskey,coords,shape,target; BDO=dir; BR=clear; COL=char,charoff,span,valign,width; COLGROUP=align,char,charoff,span,valign,width; DIR=compact; DIV=align,style; DL=compact; FONT=size,face; H[0-9]=align; HR=align,noshade,size,width; LEGEND=accesskey,align; LI=value; OL=compact,start,type; P=align; PARAM=name,type,value,valuetype; PRE=width; Q=cite; TABLE=.*; TBODY=.*; TD=.*; TFOOT=.*; TH=.*; THEAD=.*; TR=.*; UL=compact,type 

As per the PreferenceSettings documentation, you may add this line on an individual topic, in your web's WebPreferences, or make it global by adding it to Main.SitePreferences

-- PaulHarvey - 12 Dec 2010

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