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Item13873 Error window when trying to expand the bar to show the full interface Normal New

I recently updated from TWiki (4.2 I think) to Foswiki 1.1.9 -- very nice and relatively painless upgrade!

I've installed the PublishPlugin and BookmakerPlugin. When trying out the BookmakerPlugin, I get the following when pressing the "Add to Book" button:

After navigating back to the page where I pressed the "Add to Book" button, I can refresh the page and the "Remove from Book" button then magically appears (I'm assuming it should automatically appear and replace the JS shown above).

This seems to be a bug in the plugin.

I also notice that Bookmaker isn't listed in the list of Plugins when accessing "Extensions" in the configure page.

As suggested in the documentation for BookmakerPlugin, I attempted to re-install manually. Here's the output from the log after doing so:

Installing BookmakerPlugin
Dependency Report for BookmakerPlugin ...
===== INSTALLED =======
JSON version 2.90 loaded

Foswiki::Plugins::JQueryPlugin version 4.91 loaded

Foswiki::Contrib::JSTreeContrib version 1.03 loaded

Creating Backup of BookmakerPlugin ...
Backup saved into /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/working/configure/backup/BookmakerPlugin-backup-20131217-152320
Archived as /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/working/configure/backup/BookmakerPlugin-backup-20131217-152320.tgz

Running Pre-install exit for BookmakerPlugin ...

Installing BookmakerPlugin...
Using local archive /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/working/configure/download/BookmakerPlugin.tgz
Unpacking /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/working/configure/download/BookmakerPlugin.tgz..., Size: 34912 Modified: Tue Dec 17 12:39:03 2013 for package archive
Saving /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/working/configure/download/BookmakerPlugin.tgz to /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/working/configure/download/BookmakerPlugin.tgz
Checked in: data/Sandbox/ExampleBook.txt as ExampleBook
Checked in: data/System/BookmakerPlugin.txt as BookmakerPlugin
Attached: pub/System/BookmakerPlugin/bookmaker.css to System/BookmakerPlugin
Attached: pub/System/BookmakerPlugin/bookmaker.js to System/BookmakerPlugin
Attached: pub/System/BookmakerPlugin/bookmaker_src.css to System/BookmakerPlugin
Attached: pub/System/BookmakerPlugin/bookmaker_src.js to System/BookmakerPlugin
Attached: pub/System/BookmakerPlugin/expanded.png to System/BookmakerPlugin
Attached: pub/System/BookmakerPlugin/shrunk.png to System/BookmakerPlugin
Installed: lib/Foswiki/Plugins/ as /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/lib/Foswiki/Plugins/
Installed: lib/Foswiki/Plugins/BookmakerPlugin/ as /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/lib/Foswiki/Plugins/BookmakerPlugin/
Installed: lib/Foswiki/Plugins/BookmakerPlugin/ as /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/lib/Foswiki/Plugins/BookmakerPlugin/
Installed: templates/bookmaker.tmpl as /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/templates/bookmaker.tmpl
Installed: BookmakerPlugin_installer to /opt/web/Foswiki-1.1.9/working/configure/pkgdata

Running Post-install exit for BookmakerPlugin...

Before you can use newly installed plugins, you must enable them in the Enabled Plugins section in configure.

Any help/pointers are appreciated.


-- KevinPauba - 17 Dec 2013
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