Running Foswiki with Caddy

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Here's how I got Foswiki working behind the Caddy web server.


The only thing in caddy's web root is a symlink for the /pub directory, which leads to the pub directory in my Foswiki directory. This way I don't have to worry about blocking access to Foswiki's data directory, code, etc., via the web server.

$ ls -l /caddy/www
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 22 Nov 20 12:22 pub -> ../../foswiki/wiki/pub

Caddy is configured as follows:

$ cat /caddy/Caddyfile
:443 {
    log stdout
    tls self_signed

    # Deal with the "front page" redirect
    redir 302 {
        if {path} is /
        / /Main/WebHome

    # Shorter URLs
    rewrite {
        regexp ^(/[A-Z].*)
        to /bin/view/{1}

    # Communicate with Foswiki
    fastcgi /bin /foswiki/socket {
        split /bin


I find it simpler to launch Foswiki directly via systemd, rather than with the bundled init script. I do so with a simple cd /foswiki/wiki/bin && ./foswiki.fcgi --listen=/foswiki/socket.

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