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YogiParish @ Foswiki

Short Introduction

Hello everyone, here is a short introduction of myself, as I will not be able to contribute regularly through IRC or the "usual" channels.

I live in Switzerland and work at the moment mostly in commercials (parish.ch, if you're interested). I use twiki in my home for project management. I used to be a tech-savvy person, but have abandoned all that for the sake of (my) art. wink

I am the typical representative of a VSBO (Very Small Business Owner). I'm all about the following:

  • Very small, no time for complicated setups
  • No budget, ie I depend on the contributors' goodwill (even for outrageous feature demands I have)
  • I don't want to know anything about PERL, Shmerl, Shmunix, ShSL, Shmapache, etc etc if i don't absolutely need to
  • I WANT to be tech-dumb. Apple's philosophy about user-experience I can relate to on a deeply emotional level.
  • Security? What's that? Do I need it? You're welcome to read ALL my movie scripts! wink

What I'd like to contribute

I have put my own name into the UserExperienceTaskTeam for possible contributions from my side on the following topics:

  • My TOTALLY ego-centric views as a VSBO
  • I have forced a bunch of NON-TECH people to use TheOldTwiki, and many of them have wept at my shoulders
  • I would like to start a kind of Handbook for Not-So-Dummies. Ie. VSBOs transition from wiki users to site application developers

I would also like to take part in the following discussions about solutions to the problems of the TheOldTwiki

  • Features should be ROCK stable to be seriously used (eg. WYSiWYG)
  • The project site was a nuclear mess, terribly slow and totally obfuscated
  • Communication Project-User was unclear
  • I smelled tendencies that people were trying to re-invent the wheel. Tie in existing applications, if they're better. Kill your own babys if you have to.

Any comments are highly appreciated.

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