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Bob Liotta

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Created for FDC for Sogebras

Created by Kevin Woodin

Created on 4/22/2012

Updated as of 4/22/2012 6:16 PM


- use 2 browsers so you can view a current customer to see what needs to be filled out.

- try and use right side for viewing and left side for building.

- we currently only have 2 role types (Sys Admin and CSM Admin)

- Users are setup to see all customers. (we will need to change that when adding other customers in the future)

1 eclipse

1.1- copy new customer logo to directory in CVS.

Customer Admin

2 admin > system > customer admin

2.1- check to see what the next customer id is.

2.2- click add new customer.

2.3- you put in the information given, if you don't have it, then use standards. i.e. street 'some street'.

2.4- complete all required fields.

2.5- customer id =518

2.6- customer code= FDC

2.7- customer name =FDC International

2.8- customer short description =FDC

2.9- customer logo path is /wms/cmslogos/logo_fdc.png

2.10- customer stripe path is /wms/cmslogos/white_stripe.gif

2.11- address1= SOME STREET

2.12- country= FRANCE

2.13- city= CITY

2.14- state = STATE

2.15- zip= 12345

2.16- customer contact name= FDC

2.17- customer contact email=

2.18- lenoir contact phone number= TBD

2.19- part validation

2.20- serial controlled

2.21- multisort

2.22- you can't put in a default warehouses until you add them

Warehouse Admin

3 admin > system > warehouse admin

3.1- copy warehouse setup from existing warehouse if customer will be using the same warehouse.

3.2- Set country before setting timezone.

3.3- warehouse code=FDC

3.4- warehouse type= ONSITE

3.5- country= FRANCE

3.6- warehouse time zone= CET - Europe Central

3.7- warehouse name= Chez SOGEBRAS

3.8- address 1= 3 RUE ILE CHUPIN

3.9- address 2= ZI CHEVIRE AMONT

3.10- state= BOUGUENAIS

3.11- city= BOUGUENAIS

3.12- zip= 44340

3.13- Work phone= +33 2 40 65 38 76

3.14- email=

3.15- default shipper= DHL

Warehouse Admin

5 admin > customer > warehouse admin

5.1- we don't have any FEs or Parts, super user will need to do that part.

5.2- edit existing as well so you can see the setup of an existing warehouse.

5.3- click add

5.4- warehouse code= FDC

5.5- click on enable sourcing.

5.6- external warehouse code= FDC

5.7- Enter hours of operation.

Customer Admin

6 admin > system > customer admin

6.1- default warehouse= FDC

LOS Admin

7 admin > customer > level of service admin

7.1- Assigned (Aujourd'hui, 1 Jour, 2 Jours, 3 Jours, 4, Jours, 5, Jours)

Role Perms

8 role perms

8.1 there are none for any customer, we are doing them at the global level.

Order Type Admin

9 admin > customer > order type admin

9.1- assigned NRM

9.2- assign features (allocate, create return, allow from address edit, select bin)

ASN Type Admin

10 admin > customer > ASN type admin

10.1- assigned NRM

10.2- assign features (good product)

Country Admin

11 admin > customer > country admin

11.1- France

11.2- timezones are setup at system level for each country, so you shouldn't have to set that.

11.3- I had to add one for India= IST (Indian Standard Time)


12 Other

12.1- super user can create carriers

12.2- super user can create fe's
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