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Tasks related to my extensions

Task Applies To Summary Current State Priority
Item10751 FastCGIEngineContrib FastCGIEngineContrib "Wide character..." errors w/UTF-8 Foswiki Confirmed Normal
Item10847 FastCGIEngineContrib, FormQueryPlugin FormQueryPlugin + FastCGIEngineContrib (mod_fcgid): search results multiplied by number of page requests New Urgent
Item11491 ApacheConfigGenerator, Documentation, FastCGIEngineContrib FCGI has de facto file upload limit - add note in documentation for fix New Low
Item12909 FastCGIEngineContrib FastCGIContrib does not have a Config.spec and hence its settings do not appear in /bin/configure. Confirmed Normal
Item13010 FastCGIEngineContrib fcgi unstable when run under ProcManager Being Worked On Urgent
Item1315 FastCGIEngineContrib FastCGIEngineContrib needs more docco Waiting for Feedback Enhancement
Item9972 FastCGIEngineContrib Foswiki/Engine/ patch to chmod unix domain socket Waiting for Feedback Normal
Item10737 GenPDFAddOn, LatexModePlugin, ModPerlEngineContrib File::Temp with mod_perl can't create unique temporary files New Normal
Item11707 FoswikiRequest, ModPerlEngineContrib Foswiki behaves differently between CGI and mod_perl when mixing GET and POST parameters New Normal
Item11984 ModPerlEngineContrib Better processing of Foswiki headers by mod_perl Confirmed Urgent
Item13052 ModPerlEngineContrib ModPerlEngineContrib: APREQ2_ReadLimit directive (needed for Downloads >64M) missing in documentation New Normal
Item2159 ModPerlEngineContrib mod_perl under apache 2.2 broken New Normal
Item2527 ModPerlEngineContrib troubles getting ModPerlEngineContrib running from debian repository New Normal
Item2549 ModPerlEngineContrib Strange interaction between Foswiki::Engine::Apache (mod_perl) and Foswiki::LoginManager::ApacheLogin Waiting for Release Normal
Item2561 ModPerlEngineContrib Apache doesn't start if foswiki is not configured yet New Enhancement
Item2631 ModPerlEngineContrib, NativeSearchContrib Sometimes renders blank page Confirmed Normal
Item8498 ModPerlEngineContrib Should mention how to ensure mod_perl is enabled in apache Waiting for Release Enhancement
Item9139 ModPerlEngineContrib trunk: Can't locate object method "new" via package "Foswiki::Engine::Apache2::MP20" Waiting for Feedback Normal
Total Documentation: 1
ApacheConfigGenerator: 1
FastCGIEngineContrib: 6
FoswikiRequest: 1
GenPDFAddOn: 1
ModPerlEngineContrib: 9
FastCGIEngineContrib: 1
FormQueryPlugin: 1
LatexModePlugin: 1
ModPerlEngineContrib: 2
NativeSearchContrib: 1
Being Worked On: 1
Confirmed: 4
New: 8
Waiting for Feedback: 3
Waiting for Release: 2
Enhancement: 3
Low: 1
Normal: 11
Urgent: 3

My proposals

Proposal Status Concern Raised By Committed Developers
FSAPluginHooks AcceptedProposal   GilmarSantosJr

Proposals that I am concerned with

Proposal Status Concern Raised By Committed Developers
AccessRightsChange ParkedProposal GilmarSantosJr, KennethLavrsen  

Active Task Teams that I'm involved with

  • SecurityTaskTeam - Security Task Team handles security per the community agreed process

Topics I'm Interested In

Personal Roadmap

Foswiki Standalone

  1. wip Complete unit tests to FSA code
  2. wip Update documentation (Tasks.Item4662#Documentation_updates)
  3. wip Release DONE ModPerlEngineContrib, DONE FastCGIEngineContrib and wip HTTPEngineContrib
    • I'll rewrite HTTP engine from scratch, based on CPAN:Net::Server, that is more powerful and flexible than CPAN:HTTP::Daemon
      • Add support to run configure and legacy CGI scripts from HTTP engine
  4. Work on architectural refactoring
    1. FSAPluginHooks
    2. Perform some tasks only once when persistent engines are in use
    3. Make VirtualHosting possible in persistent environments
    4. question Make it possible to use shared memory
    5. Reduce coupling level
    6. Independent permission access (make it possible to use FastCGI Authorizer Role and PerlAuthzHandler mod_perl handler).
      • smile Fast permission check when accessing attachments
    7. Plugins test on persistent environments (guided by some relevancy/popularity order)

Benchmark Framework

  • Documentation
  • Infra-structure
    • Measures: elapsed time, used RAM, accouting (blocked and running time)
    • Test packages
      • Scalability-oriented
      • Few variables measured at a time (many packages)
    • Integrated tests
      • Use case oriented
      • Variables: OS, concurrency level, runtime engine, web server, hardware characteristics
    • Charts and Reports


  • Optimized preferences storage
  • Optimized forms storage (one table for each form question)
    • ALERT! Deal with form updates
    • ALERT! Syntax to define/indicate indexes
  • tip Snapshots (view consistently how the wiki (and not only a topic) was at some point in the past)
    • ALERT!Deal with permissions (tip Maybe a new permission related to view history [and why not another related to diffs tip])
  • tip Export/Import/Exchange data among wikis (like a distributed wiki. One can fetch data to a personal wiki, work on it and commit changes back)

Indexed Searches

  • query search → SQL queries
  • plain text → Xapian (not in core. Core should not have such a dependency)
  • regex → brute force frown

TML Parser

  • LALR-like
    • Generate DOM-like trees
  • Pre-compiled topics
  • Create new plugin hooks. Deprecate others (like commonTagsHandler)
    • Extend registerTagHandler to take tag properties (static, random, user-dependent, etc)
    • ALERT! Let plugins to extend TML syntax
    • Update of core plugins
    • Update guide for extension developers
  • HTML generation with HTML::Tiny and completely drop from core and default extensions.
    • tip Consider using some template engine

Improve test-infrastructure

  • Use Devel::Cover to guide new tests
  • Build test environments (Virtual machine images to perform tests and certify compatibility/limitations)

Foswiki as a Personal Knowledge Management Tool

  • Wizards to define/update forms
    • Locate topics needing update after form change (Deal with form versions)
  • DONE Let plugins to add form field types/handlers (It is already in core since PLUGINS 2.0!)
    • ALERT! Inheritance
    • Plugin implementing automata form field (the next value depends on the current)
    • ALERT! Plugin implementing a form field type whose values depends on the values of other fields
  • Visualization plugin: use graphviz to draw topic relations
  • Wizard to perform complex searches
  • Use HTTPEngineContrib to make it easier for personal use, including portable use from a memory stick.
  • Usable without the concept of WikiWord

Other Stuff

  • It would be nice to run foswiki inside a jail.I want to achieve this somehow (HTTP engine will help a lot)

My Personal Preferences

Uncomment preferences variables to activate them (remove the #-sign). Help and details on preferences variables are available in DefaultPreferences.

  • Show tool-tip topic info on mouse-over of WikiWord links, on or off:
    • Set NOWYSIWYG = 1
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