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Developer's helper topic. Contains display modules for extension documentation topics.


Write this at the top of the extension topic:
%INCLUDE{"Extensions" section="intro" warn="If you see this message, you are missing a topic 'Extensions'.<br />To fix this: log in as admin, create a topic [[%SCRIPTURL{edit}%/%SYSTEMWEB%/Extensionx?nowysiwyg=1][Extensions]] and paste in the text of http://foswiki.org/Extensions/Extensions?raw=on. Save the topic and return here."}%

This will retrieve data from a (any) table on the extension topic, and writes the title, description and image at the top of the page.

The image may be a screenshot or a diagram.

Required header labels:
  • Title: - title
  • Description: - introduction text
  • Image file: - file name of large image (do not write the full path)

| Title: | Personal Info !AddOn |
| Description: | User personalisation and user search tool. |
| Image file: | userpage.png |


These are for developers only. You don't need to change anything below.

Display at the top of the extension topic
%STARTSECTION{"intro"}%<h1>%INCLUDE{"%TOPIC%" section="_data" item="Title"}%</h1>
<p class="foswikiLarge" style="margin:1em 0;">%INCLUDE{"%TOPIC%" section="_data" item="Description"}%</strong></p>
%INCLUDE{"%TOPIC%" section="_image"}%%ENDSECTION{"intro"}%

format="%INCLUDE{"%TOPIC%" section="_format" item="%item%"}%"

Search format regex pattern
%STARTSECTION{"_format"}%$pattern(.*\| *%item%\:[^\|]*\|\s*([^\|]*).*)%ENDSECTION{"_format"}%

Image at the top of the extension topic
%STARTSECTION{"_image"}%<div class='foswikiImage'><img src='%PUBURLPATH%/%BASEWEB%/%BASETOPIC%/%INCLUDE{"%TOPIC%" section="_data" item="Image file"}%' alt='Extension image' /></div>%ENDSECTION{"_image"}%

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