The table below shows the topic that need renaming and the new name. See also the TWikiTerminologyMap for how to map TWiki-specific terminology used in topics.

Please don't fiddle with the "New name" column without tallking to KennethLavrsen first (he's doing the renaming)

And please don't marked things done DONE if you only did part of the renaming. All instances in both Release04x02 and in trunk must be renamed including all plugins! Mark an item REFACTOR if you are working on it.

Note: new names do not have to be wikiwords!

commits should be logged to Tasks.Item109

TWiki Web

Old name New name Notes Implemented
ATasteOfTWiki BeginnersStartHere   DONE
TWikiAccessControl AccessControl   DONE
TWikiAddOns ContributedAddOns   DONE
TWikiContribs Contribs IRC gang agreed that suggested ContributedCode did not match purpose (and neither does WikiContribs) DONE
TWikiContributor ProjectContributor   DONE
TWikiCss CascadingStyleSheets   DONE
TWikiDocGraphics DocumentGraphics or IconGraphics DONE DocumentGraphics
TWikiDocumentation CompleteDocumentation AllDocumentation or FullDocumentation DONE Picked Arthurs CompleteDoc..
TWikiDownload DownloadSources   DONE
TWikiEditingShorthand EditingShorthand   DONE
TWikiEnhancementRequests EnhancementRequests   DONE
TWikiFaqTemplate FaqTemplate   DONE
TWikiFAQ FrequentlyAskedQuestions   DONE
TWikiForms DataForms Can we come up with something else for PageForms? Maybe just forms, and call the page FormDefinition. Or better yet DataStructure or... Something that better describes what they do, as I think Form is and has been a confusing term. -- Koen. If I want to tell my mother that she must add a form to the bottom of the page the word "form" is about a gzillion times better than "data structure". I hesitate between TopicForm and PageForm. For the many many users that use TWiki today let us not bring total confusion into the picture. I doubt we can find another word that is any better. Best we can do it to prefix or postfix the "form" word. TWikiForm was indeed a bad word. -- Kenneth On IRC Crawford suggested DataForms. I love that term. That is the best. Taken the liberty to put that in the table. Much better than PageForm. -- Kenneth DONE
TWikiGlossary GlossaryOfTerms   DONE
TWikiHistory ReleaseHistory   DONE
TWikiInstallationGuide InstallationGuide   DONE
TWikiJavascripts JavascriptFiles How about making it a JavascriptContrib -- MichaelDaum. That is a whale we can save one day. For now I am taking the short route. Nothing prevents later placing it in a contrib. -- Kenneth. DONE
TWikiLogos ProjectLogos   DONE
TWikiMetaData MetaData   DONE
TWikiPlannedFeatures remove Too hard to keep up to date, never accurate, duplicates the roadmap. Pointless bullshit. - CrawfordCurrie - Agree --Kenneth. DONE
TWikiPlugins Plugins that is not a word. prefer to use Extensions anyway (you can't it's a loaded term: XxxxPlugin) DONE
TWikiPreferences DefaultPreferences TWiki.spec change required (SitePreferences is the one in Main) DONE
TWikiReferenceManual ReferenceManual   DONE
TWikiRegistration UserRegistration   DONE
TWikiReleaseNotes04x00 remove   DONE
TWikiReleaseNotes04x01 remove   DONE
TWikiReleaseNotes04x02 ReleaseNotes01x00 or ..01x00; should be ReleaseNotes01x00 according to Development.ReleasePlan. Content has to be (re-) generated at its time -- Main.SebastianKlus --Yes Kenneth DONE
TWikiRenderingShortcut RenderingShortcut   DONE
TWikiScripts CommandAndCGIScripts   DONE
TWikiShorthand ShortHand   DONE
TWikiSiteTools SiteTools   DONE
TWikiSite remove   DONE
TWikiSkinBrowser SkinBrowser   DONE
TWikiSkins Skins needs an auto-list DONE
TWikiSystemRequirements SystemRequirements   DONE
TWikiTemplates SkinTemplates TWikiTemplates must be split to separate PresentationTemplates and VIEW_TEMPLATE. Still more to do. DONE
TWikiTemplates TemplateTopics Taken from TWikiTemplates, for boilerplate topic content only ContentTemplates would have been a good name too. Still more to do. DONE
TWikiTopics TopicsAndWebs   DONE
TWikiTutorial TwentyMinuteTutorial   DONE
TWikiUpgradeGuide UpgradeGuide May need more than one DONE
TWikiUserAuthentication UserAuthentication   DONE
TWikiUsersGuide UsersGuide   DONE
TWikiVariablesQuickStart MacrosQuickStart   DONE
TWikiVariables Macros TWikiVariables are not just preferences. Better if we remove the implication that they are Wiki-exclusive variables Macros, Functions or Gadgets DONE
TWikiWebsTable WebsTable Wasn't this always referred to as SiteMap? - I think is better to separate the concept of SiteMap and Webs Table - RafaelAlvarez It should be called WebsTable and and IMO SiteMap should be substituted by WebsTabe, too. -- Main.SebastianKlus DONE
WhatDoesTWikiStandFor remove   DONE
TWikiRegistrationAgent RegistrationAgent   DONE

Main Web

Old name New name Notes Implemented
TWikiAdminGroup AdminGroup From TWikiUserMappingContrib DONE
TWikiGroupTemplate GroupTemplate From TWikiUserMappingContrib DONE
TWikiPreferences SitePreferences   DONE
TWikiGroups WikiGroups   DONE
TWikiContributor ProjectContributor   DONE
TWikiUsers WikiUsers In TWiki.spec DONE
TWikiGuest WikiGuest In TWiki.spec DONE
TWikiRegistrationAgent RegistrationAgent (Move to Config.spec) DONE
TWikiAdminUser AdminUser   DONE

Extensions urgently needing rename

Old name New name Notes Implemented
TWikiUserMappingContrib TopicUserMappingContrib   DONE

Other twiki files

Old name New name Notes Implemented
pub/Javascriptfiles/ twiki* ?????* twiki.js, twiki.compressed.js, twiki_edit.js, twiki_renamebase.js, twikiArray.js twikiCSS.js, twikiEvent.js, twikiForm.js, twikiFunction.js, twikiHTML.js, twikilib.js, twikiPref.js, twikiString.js, twikiStringUnicodeChars.js, twikiStyles.js, twikiuiToggle.js, twikiWindow.js (tracked on Tasks.Item116  
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