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here's a poor man's version of TimeSincePlugin:

%CALC{$FORMATTIMEDIFF(min, 1, $ROUND($TIMEDIFF($TIME($date), $TIME(), min)))}%
%CALC{$FORMATTIMEDIFF(min, 1, $ROUND($TIMEDIFF($TIME($createdate GMT), $TIME(), min)))}%

or, as appropriately escaped for a %SEARCH% example in MyItems:

"(CurrentState='Waiting for Release' OR CurrentState='Closed' OR CurrentState='No Action Required')"
web="Tasks" topic="Item*" type="query" 
nonoise="on" nototal="off" order="modified" reverse="on" limit="5"
header="| *Id* | *Applies To* | *Summary* | *State* | *Last Edit* | *By* |"
format="| [[$web.$topic][$topic]] | $formfield(AppliesTo) $formfield(Component) | $formfield(Summary) | $formfield(CurrentState) | <span style='white-space:pre;'>$formfield(CurrentState)</span> | <span style='white-space:pre;'>$percntCALC{$FORMATTIMEDIFF(min, 1, $ROUND($TIMEDIFF($TIME($date), $TIME(), min)))}$percnt</span> | [[%SCRIPTURL{"view"}%/%WEB%/%TOPIC%?name=$wikiname][$wikiname]] |"

Id Applies To Summary State Last Edit By
Item15008 Extension NatEditPlugin bring back support for "dontnotify" in natedit Waiting for Release Waiting for Release 5 days MichaelDaum
Item15004 Engine use relative urls wherever possible Waiting for Release Waiting for Release 8 days MichaelDaum
Item15007 Engine extender.pl too loud on STDERR Waiting for Release Waiting for Release 9 days MichaelDaum
Item15006 Engine missing cpan dependencies for core engine Waiting for Release Waiting for Release 9 days MichaelDaum
Item15005 Extension FastCGIEngineContrib too many log messages in fastcgi procmanager Waiting for Release Waiting for Release 9 days MichaelDaum
Number of topics: 5

-- WillNorris - 12 May 2009

When Pth created the formattimediff I told him that there's a plugin for that already. In any case I try to avoid using CALC wherever possible, mostly because I can't remember its syntax wink

-- MichaelDaum - 12 May 2009
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