Feature Proposal: Allow creation of XyzStore as an extension


Stores are a major extension category, not by number of Stores but by their significant and distinct role they play.

This will enable a list of Store to be easily presented to Admins for an informed choice.

Discussion around stores will tend to drop the Contrib suffix as it's clumsy, e.g. PlainFileStore not PlainFileStoreContrib

Description and Documentation

There is relatively little impact at this time. There are only a few stores in the wild and most of those are still experimental.

The tools will need to recognise the Store suffix, but they do not fully handle StoreContrib anyway (well pseudo-install does not add symlinks to store libs).

There will be some impact on foswiki.org, but it's hard to find the references. The BuildContribCookbook has a hard coded option list, ideally the extension types should be abstracted out somehow..





-- Contributors: JulianLevens - 30 May 2012


I don't entirely see the need. Without changing anything other than configure, it would be possible to have configure display a list of all Extensions ending with 'StoreContrib'

this would provide the visibility you're indicating is the motivation.

TBH, we worked to reduce the different suffixes - to one.. (but wimped out and kept 23) as all they are, is a bundle of things that are grouped together to install.

So personally, I wouldn't create more endings - installable stores are still contributed bundles..

-- SvenDowideit - 31 May 2012

I expected a reply like that, and this is not something I want to battle for. I can always create XyxStore topics as redirects/aliases to XyzStoreContrib.

According to BuildContribCookbook there are also Skins, AddOns and WikiApps, but is that just old cruft?

The tools still need to recognise StoreContrib as a special case requiring some extra work, but that can be raised as a task.

-- JulianLevens - 31 May 2012

sorry, add *Skin - as having bundles of 'themes' seems to scare people less than bundles of 'topics'

WikiApps was something we started, but i'm not sure they're done far enough to really consider them released frown, sad smile

wrt tools - thats what the configure spec files and configure Checker.pm's are for (not to suggest they don't need extending to be fully useful)

-- SvenDowideit - 05 Oct 2012 - 12:19
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