Release Meeting: 30 Oct 2017


General status.

1. Task review

2. Development Discussion

Feature proposals

Proposals needing review

Implementation underway

In Release Plan - no work

Feature requests that need further action


Other experimental

  • 14288 (Confirmed): rewrite to support pluggable edit engines Checkins on branches: Item14288

3. Next release

Patch release 2.1.5

  • Release from: Release02x01
  • Beta start:
  • Release target:

Feature release 2.2.0

  • Feature Freeze: 01 Sep 2017
  • Release from: master
  • Beta start: 15 Sep 2017
  • Release target: 15 Oct 2017

4. Community Events

  • Joint "Wiki-Based Projects" booth at FOSDEM 2018 together with TikiWiki, XWiki and DocuWiki

Next meeting - - Monday 13 Nov 2017 1300Z — ReleaseMeeting02x02_20171113

Please review and be prepared to discuss FeatureProposals and ReleasePlan


(09:01:13 AM) gac410: Hi everyone. Are we having a release meeting today?
(09:03:24 AM) MichaelDaum: Hi gac410
(09:03:33 AM) gac410: Hi Michael
(09:05:10 AM) gac410: Let's get started. I have to be out of here in 30 minutes. I have a conflicting meeting that I cannot miss.
(09:06:02 AM) MichaelDaum: okay. what do we have on the agenda for 2day?
(09:06:06 AM) gac410: The only new task is - table not processed when there is a %FOOBAR{} before
(09:06:59 AM) MichaelDaum: oh right. nasty isnt it.
(09:07:35 AM) gac410: y I didn't dig into it at all. That plugin is complicated :(
(09:07:58 AM) MichaelDaum: I was so baffled that I had to switch the site back to EditTablePlugin ... besides other quirks in the css that make EditRowPlugin depend on PatternSkin
(09:09:25 AM) MichaelDaum: it really needs somebody willing to open that can.
(09:09:33 AM) gac410: There are a number of tasks in that probably need to be reviewed if anyone is digging into it
(09:10:02 AM) gac410: y. Those plugins - edit table & row, are both pretty difficult to work on :(
(09:11:40 AM) gac410: There is another one I can't find now that was recently opened (zak256 ???) Where some macros don't expand when rendering for edit.
(09:15:17 AM) gac410: Regarding feature requests, My Item14506 branch - new password reset process, is probably ready for testing.
(09:16:42 AM) gac410: - URLPARAM: Don't encode newline parameter substition ... is a very simple patch
(09:16:42 AM) gac410:
(09:17:25 AM) gac410: I thiink that one is reasonable to implement. I can't see any reason that substituting /r/n for the newline="" value *before* encoding is any way less secure that after.
(09:18:08 AM) gac410: newline= is input from the macro, not from the query, so it can't be used to sneak in any nastiness into the field.
(09:21:08 AM) gac410: btw... I think vrurg is ready for us to start reviewing the docs on his Item14237 branch. Switch to that branch pseudo install, then cd to bin, and plackup foswiki.plack iirc
(09:21:28 AM) gac410: It needs a lot of work, but core functionality is ready
(09:24:43 AM) vrurg: Hi All!
(09:25:00 AM) vrurg: I totally forgot about the meeting. :(
(09:32:07 AM) gac410: I'm going to have to leave. Please continue discussions. I'll be back in a couple of hours to grab the logs and create the minutes.
(09:32:53 AM) gac410: I didn't think when I scheduled another meeting this morning. My apologies.
(09:34:51 AM) MichaelDaum: sorry I am getting distracted
(09:37:34 AM) vrurg: Bad day for a meeting...

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