Release Meeting: 19 Oct 2015


1. Task review

  • NEW13519 (Closed): Foswiki should clearly report missing dependencies. Don't crash with 500 Internal Server Error.
  • NEW13785 (Closed): ExtensionInstaller fails to replace files under some conditions.
  • NEW13795 (Closed): Redundant url params generated by %SCRIPTURLPATH macro.
  • NEW13817 (Closed): EditRowPlugin performance issues with tables > 100 rows.

Release plan

Planning for 2.1: Feature proposal review

  • Feature Freeze: 1 Dec 2015 - All proposed features tested and merged from Item* branches.
  • Release from: master
  • Branch date: TBD
  • Beta start: TBD
  • Release target: 4 Jan 2015

AddConcatOptionToAttrs Add +"more" and key+"more" options to Foswiki::Attrs JulianLevens AcceptedProposal
ConfigurableURLIncludes It would be really helpful if URL includes could be enabled for only certain domains. MichaelDaum AcceptedProposal
DeprecateHTTPandHTTPS Deprecate and restrict VarHTTP and VarHTTPS macros due to security concerns GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal Reopen for discussion
MakeZonesLessIntrusive Make zones less intrusive, especially for non-HTML output PaulHarvey. GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal
ReduceImpactOfCGIDotPMinFoswiki Reduce impact of in Foswiki MichaelDaum GeorgeClark UnderConstruction Reopen for discussion
SplitTopicAttachmentNameFilters Split the topic and attachment name filters, and block colon from topic names GeorgeClark AcceptedProposal
TopicDisplayName Let topics have a display title MichaelDaum AcceptedProposal
AddBacklinksToQuery Make faster Backlinks possible JulianLevens UnderInvestigation  
AddRegistrationTokenToUserinfo Add $registration token to USERINFO MichaelDaum UnderInvestigation  
PreventRedundantFileReadsInStore Prevent redundant file reads in store MichaelDaum UnderInvestigation  

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(09:01:13 AM) jomo entered the room.
(09:01:21 AM) JulianLevens entered the room.
(09:01:34 AM) gac410: Hi everyone.  
(09:01:43 AM) JulianLevens: HI
(09:01:53 AM) jomo: hi  :)
... _some discussion redacted_
(09:04:58 AM) gac410: I've got is a change to %CALC   to encode certain characters. 
(09:05:35 AM) gac410: But this might be disruptive to existing SSP macros.   if someone is using them in legitimate html.
(09:06:57 AM) jomo: or only for WikiGuest… e.g. normal users wont see any change…
(09:07:16 AM) jomo: or configurable bejhavior..
(09:07:24 AM) gac410: no...    not a good idea.   
(09:08:25 AM) gac410: Configurable ... yes.    I was making it page configurable   ...   So a site could enable /disable as desired, and finalized it for more control
(09:09:00 AM) jomo: i don’t know and can’t predict the CALC usege scenarios… - must tell others, who routinely uses it…
(09:09:23 AM) gac410: Y.    Hoping Lavr is paying attention.    Kenneth is our master of arcane ssp usage  :D
(09:09:43 AM) jomo: :)
(09:11:21 AM) gac410: jomo,   I'll check in my fix,  lacking any further feedback here. ...   But give you something to test.
(09:11:42 AM) gac410: Okay ...   another urgent task.   Regular Expressions and performance.
(09:11:56 AM) jomo: ok
(09:12:59 AM) gac410: The symptoms showed up in EditRowPlugin,     I did some profiling for a site that was seeing minute-long response time compared to EditTablePlugin.
(09:13:42 AM) gac410: putBackBlocks was accounting for a lot of time.   Turns our Regexes on utf-8 text are many many times slower.
(09:13:49 AM) gac410:
(09:14:53 AM) gac410: Converting from a regex scan to a    loop using index and substr gained back 50%.     We need to be cautious about using regexes for scanning when there are other solutions.
(09:15:29 AM) gac410: The 2nd half of the performance was ERP re-reading the topic 1000's of times.  ..  Func::getRevisionInfo   re-reads the topic.   
(09:16:15 AM) gac410: Changing to Meta::getRevisionInfo on a loaded meta object fixed the rest of the issue for my test cases,  but not for the user.  :(
(09:16:30 AM) gac410: Anyone here good at strace?
(09:16:48 AM) jomo: not me… :(
(09:17:06 AM) gac410:      The fixes worked for me but not for the user.     
(09:17:22 AM) gac410: He seems to have a different issue.  
(09:17:49 AM) jomo: and also i can’t repro the users issue - i tried edit with ERP 10k lines table - it tooks 2-3 minutes (but 10k lines!)
(09:18:01 AM) gac410: Is that after my fixes?
(09:18:09 AM) jomo: no - before..
(09:18:47 AM) gac410: Ah...   I have not checked in the ERP fix.   just the putBackBlock fixes.    I was hoping CDot would review the fix.    I'll check it in  
(09:21:09 AM) gac410: One more urgent    For some reason the ExtensionInstaller occasionally fails to update certain files.  
(09:22:26 AM) gac410: Anything anyone else wants to bring up regarding tasks?
(09:23:58 AM) jomo:
(09:24:07 AM) gac410: As far as 1.1.10,  or a Patch contrib for 1.1.x,   I've not made any further progress.
(09:24:27 AM) jomo: this (.(?2))((?<=(?=(?1)).)) regex definitely hangs search…
(09:25:40 AM) gac410: Interesting.   I wonder if somehow there is some path through EditRowPlugin that hits that condition.
(09:26:06 AM) jomo: probably not - this is an “new” recursive regex...
(09:26:42 AM) gac410: oh  :(
(09:27:39 AM) jomo: but eats all memory - the server needs to be configured do wait for inifinite response from the script - otherwise it eats all swap…
(09:27:41 AM) gac410: I wonder if it's some "optimization" or local fixing  that SuSE did for their perl.  I could not recreate the issue either even with the same perl version with perlbrew
(09:28:51 AM) jomo: ok - it just for the record - probabluy we can’t to do anything with the issue...
(09:29:20 AM) gac410: Okay ...   thanks.   yeah once someone is down in strace,  it leaves me behind. :)
(09:31:56 AM) gac410: Okay ... any thoughts on branching 2.0 out from master so that 2.1 can proceed.    Any feature branches needing merge? 
(09:32:16 AM) gac410: I think MichaelDaum has one feature branch ready ... to add in the security headers 
(09:41:23 AM) gac410: regarding regex performance.   A simple  trim of trailing spaces.   We do it all over.    s/\s*$//g     huge performance differences 
(09:41:23 AM) gac410: while substr, chop.   at least twice as fast.  
(09:41:57 AM) gac410: Anyway ...   I don't have much else to discuss.   Anyone? 
(09:42:09 AM) jomo: :) not me ;)
(09:42:12 AM) JulianLevens: Nothing from me
(09:44:47 AM) jomo: so.. okay - thank you and CU..
(09:44:59 AM) gac410: Okay.   Lets adjourn then ...    
(09:45:23 AM) gac410: jomo,  I'll check in my fixes for you to review.   for ERP and SSP.   thank you.
(09:45:40 AM) jomo: ok, doing to pull - later a bit…
(09:46:09 AM) jomo: need gtg - CU
(09:46:13 AM) jomo left the room (quit: Quit: jomo).
(09:47:53 AM) jast: rats, I missed all the fun while in a conference call
(09:48:11 AM) gac410: Ah...    still here.   Any comments to add?
(09:49:41 AM) jast: can't think of anything, except as noted in the main channel I noticed that PlainFileStore will sometimes not return author/comment for the most recent revision of an attachment (in the getVersionInfo method)
(09:49:57 AM) jast: so there'll probably be a bug report soonish
(09:50:06 AM) gac410: okay thanks
(09:53:05 AM) JulianLevens left the room.
(10:05:15 AM) Lynnwood [~Lynnwood@foswiki/developer/lynnwood] entered the room.

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