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Rejected Feature Proposals

Proposals that have been rejected following the release process

Proposals that have been rejected can be put back in UnderInvestigation if a committed developer alters the proposal or the mood has changed in the community.

Topic Summary Tasks Item Developer Reason
ActionTrackerDescendingSort It would be more flexible to have the option for a descending table sort     None
AddAContextVAR Add a way to display the contexts that are set   SvenDowideit None
AddAReadOnlyMetaClass improve internal cachebility of TopicObjects by differentiating writeable Meta objects.     None
AddCPANModulesIPCRunAndFileWhich Add IPC::Run and File::Which to avoid re-inventing the wheel Tasks.Item11835 Tasks.Item11612 GeorgeClark None
AddCreateTopicToFunc Add a new function createTopic to Func     None
AddFilterPlugin FilterPlugin is such a useful thing, it should be part of the default package   CrawfordCurrie None
AddFurtherControlsOnSudo Enhancements to sudo login to improve security Tasks.Item1551   None
AddMarkupToExcludeContentFromRendering Add markup to exclude content from Rendering   GeorgeClark ConsensusReached
AddOrRelationToFORMFIELD Add "OR" relation to macro FORMFIELD     None
AddRemoveFileFeatureToManifest Add the ability to add a "remove" status for files in the manifest     ConsensusReached
AddSearchResultsPaginationToRelease01x00 add search results paging capabilities to Foswiki 1.0.x   WillNorris None
AllowSectionalEditingAtTwikiDotOrg Allow Sectional Editing At Community Website   RafaelAlvarez None
AllowUnauthenticatedRESTHandlers Some plugins would like REST handlers that do not require authentication.     None
AllowWebUsersTrashAccess It would be really neat if users who belong to a web have the authority to move topics from a web to trash.     None
AttachmentVaults Abstract stores to distinguish between handling attachments and their META   JulianLevens NoCommittedDeveloper
BlurAuthCookieName Blur auth-Cookie-Name with random string on installation   GeorgeClark ConsensusReached
CacheGetSkinCalculation Introduce+Foswiki-%3E%7Bskin%7D   EugenMayer None
CustomizeDisplayedFieldTitle Allow for displayed field title     ConsensusReached
DeprecateEachEventSince Deprecate Logger::eachEventSince and Func::eachEventSince   GeorgeClark ConsensusReached
DeprecateSlashAsRef Deprecate the use of / for REF in queries, and replace with @   CrawfordCurrie None
DeprecateUndocumentedSqBracketLinkFormat Deprecate the undocumented space delimited Square Bracket link format Tasks.Item10905 GeorgeClark ConsensusReached
DirectInteractionWithAttachments Direct interaction with attachments   ArthurClemens NoCommittedDeveloper
DisableWikiWordsWithNumbers Provide option to disable numbers in WikiWords   KennethLavrsen AcceptedBy14DayRule
DynamicallyUpdatingDataFormProperties       None
EscapeQuotesOptionInICON Escape quotes option in ICON     NoCommittedDeveloper
ExportTableToCsv Ability to export Foswiki table to cvs format     ConsensusReached
HowToDeleteUserAccount User interface to delete accounts from TopicUserMapping Tasks.Item4905   NoCommittedDeveloper
ImproveSupportForDatabaseSearches Next steps in improving the data store abstraction and search support Tasks.Item9715   None
InstallNatSkinAndWidgetsSkinOnFoswikiDotOrg to provide all commonly-installed skins   WillNorris None
ListFormatViewAndEditTemplate Implement dynamic views for topic lists Tasks.Item11266   None
MakeOfficialFoswikiBlogOnFoswiki Foswiki ought to blog about itself using Foswiki software but... Tasks.Item11285   NoCommittedDeveloper
MergeWYSIWYGEditors Integrate improvements from Rich Text Editor from VM in Standard (CVS) Tasks.Item1600   ConsensusReached
PatchBinaryAsConfigureOption Which 'patch' Foswiki uses should be a config option     ConsensusReached
PreInstallNatEditContrib Make NatEditContrib a default extension starting from 4.2     NoCommittedDeveloper
PreloadContribs Support loading handlers from contribs     None
ProcessAddToBodyStart       None
ProtectConfigureUsingHtigestByDefault Improve default protection of configure script Tasks.Item11936 GeorgeClark AcceptedBy14DayRule
ReplaceFoswikiTimeModule Extract Foswiki::Time for CPAN     None
RulebasedViewTemplates Add a rule-based strategy to AutoViewTemplatePlugin to derive an edit/view template   MichaelDaum RejectedByCommunityVote
ShipCommonlyTailoredTopicsInConfigure Configure should install commonly tailored topics so that new releases do not overlay customized topics.   Foswiki:Main.GeorgeClark None
ShoutBox Public IM-ing system bit like IRC     ConsensusReached
SimplifyTheDefaultInstall Simplify default configuration   SvenDowideit None
SkinTemplateOverideForBatchUpload The batchupload plugin require amendment to three system templates. It would bebetter to have the changes in a skin or template override.     None
SmartGroups Implement "Smart Groups" that know who their members are Tasks.Item12809   ConsensusReached
SortOrderTagForTopicsAndWebs It would be usefull if you have a fixed list location for a topic     None
StoreAs1stClassExtension Allow creation of XyzStore as an extension     ConsensusReached
WhatTheFunc Collection of problems with TWiki::Func that we should address Tasks.Item1331 Tasks.Item1333 Tasks.Item1441   None
Number of topics: 47

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