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Parked Feature Proposals

Proposals that have been parked because they failed to fullfill the basic criteria in the release process mainly
  • Proposals must have a developer that commits to drive the feature to completion (there is not demand on how soon).

Proposals may also be parked after acceptance because the developer realise that he cannot find time to implement the feature. Someone else are then welcome to pick it up.

Topic Summary Tasks Item Developer Reason
AccessRightsChange Change Access control to avoid build in security issues     None
AddADDWORKINGDAYSToSSP Add ADDWORKINGDAYS to SpreadSheetPlugin     NoCommittedDeveloper
AddBeforeRenameHandler Add beforeRenameHandler to the Plugin API     NoCommittedDeveloper
AddConfigurationWizard Add a configuration wizard for authentication     None
AddContainsComparitorForQuerySearch Provide a new comparitor to aid queries against fields which contain list data     None
AddDataFormCreatorWizard Use a Foswiki app to develop WikiApps Item11764 SvenDowideit, PaulHarvey None
AddDockerContainerForDistributionMethod Simplify installation by creating a collection of docker containers for common configurations.   GeorgeClark None
AddDollarTotalToFormattedSearch Add $total(..) to FormattedSearch   PaulHarvey AcceptedBy14DayRule
AddExtraSetupToUnitTests Allow Extensions to force required setup's into the UnitTests   SvenDowideit None
AddFeatureLevelContext Add a context that represents the core feature level of Foswiki Tasks.Item12151 GeorgeClark AcceptedBy14DayRule
AddFormToAllDistributedTopics Add structure to downloaded topics   SvenDowideit None
AddFoswikiFuncWikifyWebTopicName Add a Foswiki::Func::wikifyWebTopicName() API Tasks.Item11356   None
AddIsoweekToSpreadSheetPlugin Add ISOWEEK function to SpreadSheetPlugin     NoCommittedDeveloper
AddLogoutHandler Add logout handlers for LoginManagers     None
AddNewWebHandlers Add beforeNewWeb and afterNewWeb handlers to the Plugin API     NoCommittedDeveloper
AddNormalizeWebTopicModifiersToQueries add web and .topic to the Query Search language     None
AddPARENTWEBMacro Add PARENTWEB Macro   RafaelAlvarez None
AddSWITCHMacro Create mechanism for switch statements     None
AddSetDefaultToTestFields add set default button / js for form fields     NoCommittedDeveloper
AddTemplateTopicSection allow the use of a named SECTION for templatetopic   SvenDowideit NoCommittedDeveloper
AddValidationsToURLPARAMMacro URLPARAM should be able to validate the browser input Tasks.Item13859 GeorgeClark None
AddWikiSnapshots Add snapshot functionality, mading it possible to browse topics history consistently Tasks.Item6090   NoCommittedDeveloper
AdoptACSSFramework Adopt a CSS framework from another project     None
AjaxAccessFixes Ajax Access Fixes   SvenDowideit AcceptedBy14DayRule
AllowTypedData Allow data forms, Foswiki::Form field types and registerMETA to specify data/index types for query/search algo's w/indexes Tasks.Item10437   NoCommittedDeveloper
AsciiDocPlugin Is it difficult to support Wikipedia:AsciiDoc     NoCommittedDeveloper
AttachFileDuringTemplateTopicCreation A form that creates a new topic using a template topic should be able to upload an attachment     NoCommittedDeveloper
AttachmentStorageInCMS Ability to store attachments of certain types in external CMS     NoCommittedDeveloper
AutomagicalUpdating Automagical Updating of Foswiki     NoCommittedDeveloper
AvoidShootingSelfInFoot Prevent Accidental Lockout of Topics     None
CaseInsensitiveUserMapping Ignore differences in case between registration and login   SvenDowideit ConsensusReached
CategorizeExtensionsInFindExtensions Group extensions by some indication of code quality     None
ChangeImageLinkBehaviour A link that looks like an image should not become an inline image     NoCommittedDeveloper
ClarifyQueryParamBestPractices Clarify best practices on naming of query parameters.     None
CleanUpTopicParentage Clean up the parentage of topics shipped with Foswiki Tasks.Item2336, Tasks.Item2293   NoCommittedDeveloper
CreateHomeWebConfigVar Create a new $TWiki::cfg{HomeWebName} configure variable Tasks.Item76 ColasNahaboo None
CreateISODateFormat Create an ISO datetime format Tasks.Item11806 ArthurClemens AcceptedBy14DayRule
CreateStandardTopicUpdateNotes Create standard topic update notes     NoCommittedDeveloper
DeprecateContextlessURLConstructs Deprecate Contextless URL Constructs     None
DeprecateInitUserHandler Deprecate the initUserHandler plugin interface   MichaelTempest NoCommittedDeveloper
DublinCoreMetaData Publishing with Dublin Core meta data in head   DrakeDiedrich AcceptedBy14DayRule
EnableDisplayOfFilesInFormattedSearch Add something like $attachment to the format params in %SEARCH{}%   CarloSchulz (spec), SvenDowideit None
EncryptDataInTopics It would be great if users could add personal data to topics, viewed by their own only     None
EnhanceIfStatementsAndAttrsParsing Add ability to have elsif sections   KipLubliner None
EnhanceTemplatesWithDynamicValues Fix and document field values to enhance templates     NoCommittedDeveloper
ExposePreferenceStackTopics Enable TML authors to see the topics that comprise the preference stack     NoCommittedDeveloper
ExtendedVariableHandling Extended handling of variables to improve wiki database use     NoCommittedDeveloper
FSAPluginHooks Plugin hooks to take advantage of Foswiki Stand Alone   GilmarSantosJr ConsensusReached
FinerControlOverPluginsOrder Need better mechanisms than {PluginsOrder} to control plugin execution order     NoCommittedDeveloper
FixSearchLimitAndPagingMess Fix SEARCH limit and paging mess   ArthurClemens NoCommittedDeveloper
FormallySupportMultipleExtensionVersions Formally support multiple versions of Extensions   GeorgeClark None
FormatArbitraryTimes Allow TIME macros to format any old time value, not just the current time   PaulHarvey None
FoswikiSettingsWizard Foswiki Settings Wizard     None
FoswikiToXmlMetsTransition Add XML based Storage and query backend     NoCommittedDeveloper
GoIsSearch Implement unified Jump & Seach box that does the right thing.     None
GrandUnifiedSearchAPITwoZero Bring together the SEARCH visions     None
HereDocumentSyntaxForMacros here-document syntax for macros Tasks.Item8422 MichaelTempest None
ImproveSecurityOfTemplateAuth Use Javascript to avoid passing the password in the clear.   GeorgeClark AcceptedBy14DayRule
ImprovedRESTSupport Enhanced REST Support     NoCommittedDeveloper
InheritAccessControlsFromSitePreferences Access controls should inherit from Main.SitePreferences and System.DefaultPreferences     NoCommittedDeveloper
InlineTopicContentAsMeta Inline topic content should be addressable as metadata     NoCommittedDeveloper
JQTablePluginAsDefaultExtension JQTablePlugin should be a default extension   GeorgeClark None
LoadDifferentTopicVersions Simple syntax for specifying specific topic versions   PaulHarvey AcceptedBy14DayRule
MakeREMOTEUSERaWikiWord Make Sure Wikiname Is WikiWord With OpenLDAP Authentication REMOTE_USER     NoCommittedDeveloper
MakingVarVARTopicCapable %VAR should be able to return variables at the topic level, not only at the web level.   MartinCleaver None
MassDeleteofSelectedTopics When a significant number of (non-related) topics need deltion, it would be could to select them in a UI and process all on a single button click.     NoCommittedDeveloper
MoveMultipleAttachmentsAtOnce Move Multiple Attachments At Once     NoCommittedDeveloper
MoveSECTIONsToFoswikiMeta Add an API for INCLUDE sections to Foswiki::Meta Tasks.Item10316 PaulHarvey None
NewLayoutForMoreScreen New layout for the more actions screen     None
NoRCSForBinaryAttachments Allow disabling of RCS control for binary attachments   OlivierRaginel None
NumbersAsUpperCase Allow numbers to be treated as uppercase instead of lowercase in WikiWords     NoCommittedDeveloper
OptionToAvoidFlattenedSummaryInFormattedSearch Option to avoid completely flattening text in FormattedSearch's $summary(nnn)     NoCommittedDeveloper
ParallelSearch Boost Search Performance in huge webs by doing it parallel     NoCommittedDeveloper
PluggableRenderers Make Foswiki::Render pluggable     NoCommittedDeveloper
PluginGarbageCollection Plugins need a working/temp file cleanup mechanism Tasks.Item10780 SvenDowideit AcceptedBy14DayRule
PromoteMetaDotPmToFirstClassAPI Make Meta a first class Public API     NoCommittedDeveloper
QueryAcrossTopicRevisions Query across all topic revisions Tasks.Item10121   NoCommittedDeveloper
RedesignManagingWebs Redesign ManagingWebs Tasks.Item310   NoCommittedDeveloper
RedoSmiliesPluginAsICON redo SmiliesPlugin so it outputs ICON macros     None
RegistrationI18N Changing the registration form for use in I18N     None
RemoveHardcodedCssClassNames Remove hardcoded CSS class names   StephaneLenclud None
RemoveSearchDefaultType Get rid of SEARCHDEFAULTTTYPE   OlivierRaginel, KennethLavrsen None
RenameFormField Form fields need a mechanism to rename     NoCommittedDeveloper
RenameTemplateTopicAndFormTemplateParams add more sensible synonyms for templatetopic and formtemplate     NoCommittedDeveloper
ResourceBookingPlugin A plugin for booking/scheduling resources     NoCommittedDeveloper
ReviewFileSystemPermissionsAndCheckFix Review file permissions for consistency and implement checking/fixup     None
SearchOrderByTopicElement Make Search order param consistent with query Tasks.Item10678, Tasks.Item11022 SvenDowideit AcceptedBy14DayRule
SelectSkinButtons Use Set preferences feature to select skins   SvenDowideit NoCommittedDeveloper
SimpleVarInclude Additional section include ability     NoCommittedDeveloper
SimplifyMasterTemplateDefinition Stop forcing skin authors to remove the final new-lines from tmpl files   SvenDowideit None
SimplifyNonDeveloperEditingofReleaseManagedTopics Simplify non-developer editing of release managed topics.     NoCommittedDeveloper
SimplifySEARCHParameters Simply SEARCH parameters   SvenDowideit AcceptedBy14DayRule
SimplifyTheStoreMetaSemantics Simplify The Store - Meta Semantics Tasks.Item11135 SvenDowideit AcceptedBy14DayRule
SmiliesPluginPictures It would be nice if a SmiliesPlugin picture could come from other sources but the SmiliesPlugin topic     NoCommittedDeveloper
SpreadsheetRegexFunction Add a Generic REGEX function to CALC     NoCommittedDeveloper
StoresShouldBePassedConfigHash For Store Utilities multiple store instances will be valuable   JulianLevens None
SupportBulkUpdates Support Bulk Updates     NoCommittedDeveloper
SupportDeferredExecution Support deferred execution or rendering of complex topics     NoCommittedDeveloper
SupportLineThroughFormatTag Support underline and line-through text decorations   PaulHarvey AcceptedBy14DayRule
SupportSynchroEdit It would be really neat to be able to edit pages synchronously, seeing edits by others in real time     NoCommittedDeveloper
SystemTopicsUpdateMethod New update method for system topics     NoCommittedDeveloper
TemplatingSearchResultSummaries Templating search result summaries Tasks.Item11266 ArthurClemens AcceptedBy14DayRule
TinyMCEMultipleVersionSupport Restructure TinyMCE to support multiple versions Item12665 GeorgeClark AcceptedBy14DayRule
TinyMCEPluginShouldBeMoreModular Directory re-structure to separate upstream files AND make it easy to enable/develop TMCE plugins Tasks.Item2297 PaulHarvey None
ToolsScriptToChangeIpConfiguration Script changing IP/DNS in the configuration to become the current IP   IngoKappler None
TopicCaseSensitivity URL's that have correct spelling, irrespective of case will goto that topic.     None
TwistyPluginAccordion Implementing Accordion to Twisty   EugenMayer None
UnifyDocumentationViaFoswikiBook Create an online 'book' on F.o that facilitates discovery and use of existing documentation, as well as being suitable for conversion to print form   AlexisHazell AcceptedBy14DayRule
UpgradeSafeCustomisationsOfSystemTopics Allow users to customise System topics (such as WebSearch) in an upgrade safe way Tasks.Item1935 AndrewJones None
UseEnhanceAndMoveSpecFiles .spec files are under-used and only by configure. Would be nice to use them more   OlivierRaginel ConsensusReached
UseSyntaxToChangeEvaluationOrder Use a different assignment operator to delay macro evaluation inside parameters     None
UseTemplateForRawView Use a template to generate raw view   ArthurClemens NoCommittedDeveloper
UserWebHomes Provide support for a User web and user subwebs     NoCommittedDeveloper
ViewfileHttpRangeHeader Viewfile could usefully support the Http GET "Range" header     None
WrapperMacrosForADDTOZONE Simplify adding JS/CSS to a page, at the same time reduce validation problems, improve security & cache features     None
WysiwygContentPolicies Implement a rational way for mere mortals to adjust the level of HTML contamination permitted into their topics     NoCommittedDeveloper
WysiwygEditorProfiles Formalise TML/HTML conversion requirements on a per-editor, named profile basis     NoCommittedDeveloper
WysiwygEditorTranslationRequirements Formalise TML/HTML conversion requirements on a per-editor basis     NoCommittedDeveloper
WysiwygFormFields Making Formfields WYSIWYG capable Tasks.Item8032 SvenDowideit, PaulHarvey ConsensusReached
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