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Feature Proposal: Allow a hierarchy of InterWikis topics


Presently interwiki links must be configured in one topic. While it is possible to change that topic, it would be be better if we could specify an inheritance of topics, so we can keep in sync with the default rules topic that we ship. It would also benefit large installs, where a web might inherit rules from the site, which inherits from the default.

It has been requested by people before.

Description and Documentation

Let the INTERWIKIPLUGIN_RULESTOPIC be specified as a comma separated list, which inherits from left to right.


   * Set INTERWIKIPLUGIN_RULESTOPIC = System.InterWikis, Main.InterWikis, Main.MoreInterWikis




Code, docs and unit tests.

-- Contributors: AndrewJones - 12 Jul 2010


I lazily stole an similar feature proposal that was dead.

-- AndrewJones - 12 Jul 2010

AcceptedBy14DayRule? Also, should this be just trunk or trunk and 01x01?

-- AndrewJones - 04 Dec 2010

I think we're a little less strict about new features in plugins (TinyMCEPlugin for example), but we should get blessing from our release manager first smile

-- PaulHarvey - 04 Dec 2010

Yes, Andrew, you are enabled to flip a feature request to the appropriate state (even for core-core things) - especially when the rest of us are asleep at the wheel :/

I'd expect that it would only go into trunk.

I reflexivly wonder what performance impact having an extra in topic pref would have - compared to a configure one, and also note that you didn't specify where this would be set (SitePref's I presume)

-- SvenDowideit - 04 Dec 2010

It's just a normal plugin preference setting, so can be set in SitePreferences, WebPreferences, etc. Default would be System.InterWikis, as it is now.

I imagine performance would be better if it was in configure, but the idea is that users would ow be able to create their own inter wikis in their webs, without needing to ask an admin to do it for them.

-- AndrewJones - 05 Dec 2010

Yes. The INTERWIKIPLUGIN_RULESTOPIC is already a feature and I personally use it. And a comma separated setting would be great. And compatible also.

It is a very isolated well contained thing which is very easy to test 100%. So I would accept it even in Release01x01 branch. Then we avoid this plugin to be different in trunk and Release01x01 branch for such a small enhancement.

-- KennethLavrsen - 07 Dec 2010

Thanks Kenneth. Done.

-- AndrewJones - 10 Dec 2010
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