Completed Feature Proposals

Proposals that have been completed following the release process

Completed Proposals (Merged to core or to default plugin)

Topic Summary Tasks Item Developer Release
AJAXOnDemandCheckersForConfigure Update configure to allow Ajax based (fast) checking Tasks.Item12180 TimotheLitt 2.0
AddAWayToShiftHeadingLevels Add a headershift parameter to adjusted included header levels Tasks.Item11317 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
AddAltParamToICON Add an alt parameter to ICON Tasks.Item8552 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
AddAngleBracketsToFormatTokens Add Angle Brackets (< and >) to format tokens Tasks.Item1710 KennethLavrsen 1.0.6
AddAutoViewTemplatePlugintoFoswiki AutoViewTemplatePlugin standardises the name of the skin page used for showing a topic with a form. We should merge it to core and install on Tasks.Item2216 OliverKrueger 1.1
AddConcatOptionToAttrs Add +"more" and key+"more" options to Foswiki::Attrs Item13594 JulianLevens 2.1
AddDataToRegistrationHandler Add the registration data to the parameters of the registrationHandler before foswiki and Task.Item2170 SvenDowideit 1.1
AddDefaultTopicParameterToINCLUDE allow a list of topics to be specified so that we can use INCLUDE to allow customisation of shipped topic elements. Item11783 SvenDowideit 2.0
AddDefaultValueToSTARTSECTION Add default value to STARTSECTION Item11969 SvenDowideit 2.0
AddDefaultsToFields Need to specify defaults on radio and checkbox fields Tasks.Item11966, Item11928 SvenDowideit  
AddENDINCLUDEandSTOPSECTION Let's make an ENDINCLUDE to be consistent with ENDSECTION Tasks.Item12837 PaulHarvey 2.0
AddEXPANDMacro EXPAND macro will enable cross-topic macro expansion   CrawfordCurrie 1.1
AddEarlyPluginHandler Add a preload handler for plugins Item12392 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
AddExtensionRepositoriesToFoswikiOrg Add Testing and Archive repositories to   GeorgeClark  
AddFamFamFamContribToCore Add FamFamFamContrib to the Core Tasks/Item2456 SvenDowideit 1.1
AddFinishHandler Add a finishHandler() for plugins Tasks.Item1328 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
AddFooterParameterToSEARCH Add footer parameter to SEARCH to match the header Tasks.Item886 KennethLavrsen 1.0.6
AddFoswikiFuncGetScriptUrlPath Add a Foswiki::Func::getScriptUrlPath() API Tasks.Item11365 PaulHarvey 1.1.5
AddGenerateRandomString Add a function to generate a cryptographically secure random string Item14507 GeorgeClark 2.2
AddGitHubToReleaseDistributionSites Use GitHub "Releases" feature to distribute Foswiki   GeorgeClark  
AddJsViews Please consider adding JsViews library Tasks.Item14454 MichaelDaum, ChrisHoefler 2.2
AddMatchOperatorToQueryLanguage Add match operator to query language Tasks.Item1975 MichaelDaum 1.1
AddMetaParentTopic add topic="xyz" parameter to %META{"parent" ... Item11968 SvenDowideit 2.0
AddNatEditToCore Let's add NatEdit to the core Item11648 CrawfordCurrie, MichaelDaum, SvenDowideit 2.0
AddNoProxyFeature Add a 'NoProxy' configuration option to Foswiki::Net Tasks.Item14545 MichaelDaum 2.2
AddNumberOfTopicsToFormattedSearch Add number of topics to formatted search Tasks.Item886 Tasks.Item1595 KennethLavrsen 1.0.6
AddOperatorsToQueries Add missing operators to query search and %IF Tasks.Item10129 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
AddOptionalRegistrationEmailValidation Add more email controls to UI::Register. Options to filter Email Address, and/or force unique Email Address. Tasks.Item11605 GeorgeClark 1.1.5
AddPackageNavigationToPerlDoc Add package navigation to Perl Doc Tasks.Item11437 KipLubliner 1.1.5
AddPagingToAllDistributedSearchTopics Add Paging To All Distributed Search Topics Tasks.Item10653 SvenDowideit 1.1.0
AddPendingRegistrationsReport Report on pending Registration email confirmations or approvals. Item14201 GeorgeClark 2.1.3
AddPlusValuesToRadioAndCheckboxes Add +values to radio and checkbox formfields Tasks.Item10071, Tasks.Item11428 MichaelDaum 1.1.5
AddRegistrationTokenToUserinfo Add $registration token to USERINFO   MichaelDaum 2.2
AddRegistrationValidationHandler Add a plugins handler for registration validation Item11681 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
AddRequestSetToCore Add ?Set+ etc to the core Item11648 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
AddSMELLToPerlDoc Add SMELL, FIXME and TODO report to PerlDoc Tasks.Item10217 GeorgeClark 1.1.4
AddStaticContext Add a static context Tasks.Item8575; Tasks.Item8656 GeorgeClark 1.1
AddTimeFeaturesToAttachmentLinks Add date formatting tokens to attachment links Tasks.Item5935 GeorgeClark 2.0
AddUpdatesPluginToDefaultRelease Add UpdatesPlugin to default release   MichaelDaum 2.0
AddUserToGroupsOnRegistration Add User To Groups On Registration Tasks.Item2172 SvenDowideit 1.1
AddWebParamToAllCgiScripts add a defaultweb= parameter to all cgi scripts Item11971 SvenDowideit 2.0
AdminApprovalOfNewUsers Should be able to audit new registrations Tasks.Item12041 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
AllowGuestsToUseRESTAsDefault Remove rest from the default list of AuthScripts Tasks.Item12839 GeorgeClark 2.0
AllowJSCalendarContribToUseTimePicker JSCalendarContrib shall be corrected to allow usage of the built-in Time-Picker Tasks.Item8677 RaulFRodriguez 1.1
AllowLocalConfigurationForJSCalendarContrib Allowing local JSCalendarContrib configuration Foswikitask:Item8833 AntonioTerceiro 1.1
AllowLoginUsingEmailAddress AllowLoginUsingEmailAddress Tasks.Item12057 SvenDowideit 2.0
BetterPluginPackageDiagnostics It is helpful to upgraders to know which package Foswiki uses for each plugin Tasks.Item10136 GeorgeClark 1.1.4
CancelButtonsShouldUseViewScript Never POST to a save script for purposes of cancelling an update Tasks.Item11798 (1.1.5) Tasks.Item11901 (1.2) GeorgeClark 2.0
ChangeApacheAuthToDigest Change (or Add in Addition) Apache Digest Auth Tasks.Item10962 GeorgeClark 1.1.4
ChangeDefaultHtpasswdEncoding Change the default encoding from crypt to apache-md5 Tasks.Item11563 GeorgeClark 1.1.5
ChangeRenameBehaviourOnRenamingLinks Renaming links is currently too greedy on what it changes Item11929 MichaelDaum 1.1.6
ClarifyReleaseProcessForCoreExtensions Clarify the core extension release process.   GeorgeClark  
CleanUpNewUserTemplate Clean Up NewUserTemplate Tasks.Item8745 Tasks.Item9671 MichaelDaum 1.1
CleanUpWebPreferences Clean up WebPreferences Tasks.Item8746 MichaelDaum 1.1
CleanerConfigurePluginsPane The bin/configure Plugins pane should be more compacted and sorted by enabled state     1.1
CleanerSyntaxForMetaDataAccess Support a cleaner syntax for quizzing meta-data Tasks.Item8638 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
CloneTopicLinkUnderMore Clone topic feature in More screen MartinCleaver 1.0
CompleteMIMESupportInEmail Wrap all outgoing mails into uniform and safe MIME envelope. Item13699 VadimBelman 2.1
ConfigurableCookieNamesAndPaths Make cookie path and names configurable Tasks.Item14301 GeorgeClark 2.2
ConfigureGuessedDirectoriesOnWin32 Foswiki guesses the paths and complains about backslashes on Win32 Tasks.Item9240 SvenDowideit 1.1
ConfigureScript Configure Extension autoinstaller should remove be able to uninstall     2.0
ConsistentFormFieldValues Consistently displaying form field values Tasks.Item11833   2.0
ContinueCanonicalSCRIPTURLDev Continue extending the canonical form of the SCRIPT / PUB URL macros Tasks.Item13795 Item14339 GeorgeClark 2.2
ControlFoswikiTemporaryFileLocations Explicitly control the storage location of temporary files used by Foswiki Tasks.Item12189 GeorgeClark 2.0
ControlOverVariableExpansion Control over Variable Expansion   PeterThoeny  
ConvertToModernPerlVersionStrings Convert to modern perl version strings Tasks.Item526 GeorgeClark 2.0
CustomNewUserTemplates Enhance register script to specify a templatetopic param instead of hard-coded 'NewUserTemplate' Tasks.Item13864 PaulHarvey, GeorgeClark 2.1
DebugPreferenceSettings Add simple debugging feature for macro values Tasks.Item1523 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
DelegateMoreProcessingToSearchAlgorithm Delegate More Processing To SearchAlgorithm Tasks.Item1370 SvenDowideit 1.1
DemandParseTables Demand-parsing of tables would solve several outstanding problems Item11828 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
DeprecateAfterAttachmentSaveHandler Deprecate afterAttachmentSaveHandler Tasks.Item8749 MichaelDaum 1.1
DeprecateAllowInlineScript Deprecate {AllowInlineScript} option in configure Tasks.Item2305 Tasks.Item2429 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
DeprecateApacheHtpasswdModule Deprecate ApacheHtpasswd Module Tasks.Item12120 SvenDowideit 2.0
DeprecateHTTPandHTTPS Deprecate and restrict VarHTTP and VarHTTPS macros due to security concerns Tasks.Item13848 GeorgeClark 2.1
DoWeNeedToShipClassicSkin remove Classic skin, its 10 years old and no-one loves it. Tasks.Item5000 ArthurClemens 1.0
DocumentAlreadySupportedFuncQueryOptions Document two important parameters for Foswiki::Func::query Tasks.Item13682 KennethLavrsen 2.0.2
ENCODEnlsToBR ENCODE newlines in a string to BR Tasks.Item8695 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
EngineContribsAsCoreExtensions Ship FastCGIEngineContrib and ModPerlEngineContrib as core extensions   GeorgeClark 2.0
EnginesAsContribs Foswiki Engines distributed as Contribs   GilmarSantosJr 1.0
EnhanceConfigureLogging Enhance Configure Logging Tasks.Item10616 GeorgeClark 1.1.4
Enhancei18nArchitecture Enable internationalisation of plugins Item9697 OlivierRaginel, MichaelDaum 2.0
EscapeTmlInEditor Add a little UI to make it easier to escape TML Item12237 KipLubliner 2.0
ExpertOptionForCookieDomainRealm Make the login managers cookie (domain) realm configurable. Item8560 OliverKrueger 1.1
ExtraResponseHeaderFields Adding the script and uri to the header on a reponse help a lot when using asyncron ajax calls   EugenMayer  
ExtractAndCentralizeFormattingRefactor Refactor format rendering to use FoswikiIterators (adds paging, consistency and speed) Tasks.Item1339 SvenDowideit  
FallBackToTopicWhenTrailingSpaceAndNoSuchSubweb Fallback To Topic When URL has Trailing Space And No Subweb exists but topic does Tasks.Item9225 , Tasks.Item598 SvenDowideit 2.0
FasterAccessToCreatorData Store creator and create date in metadata to improve performance Tasks.Item9332, Tasks.Item10678, Tasks.Item10006 SvenDowideit 2.0
FoswikiCache A pluggable caching service and built-in HTML page cache Tasks.Item3695 MichaelDaum 1.1
FoswikiOrgShouldUseSSL should implement SSL      
GeneralSortingMechanism Add Sort::Maker to distributed CPAN libs Tasks.Item8834 ArthurClemens 1.1
HideIrrelevantConfigureOptions Configure has too many options, and often they are irrelevant Item11528 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
HtmlAttributesShouldUseSingleQuotes HTML attributes should use single quotes Foswikitask:Item11411 ArthurClemens 2.0
ImplementAddMeToAdminButton Implement the UI suggested by Crawford in the AddFurtherControlsOnSudo proposal Tasks.Item11579 GeorgeClark 2.0
ImplementAdditiveTopicACLs Implement "additive" Topic level ACLs Item14342 GeorgeClark 2.2
ImproveAttachmentToTrashFlow Improve attachment-to-Trash flow      
ImproveBulkRegistration Make bulk registration a bit easier to set up and use Item9790 GeorgeClark 2.2
ImproveExtensionBackupProcess should create a backup archive for extensions. Tasks.Item8640 GeorgeClark 1.1
ImproveHtPaswdUserFlexibility Support multiple password encodings for existing users. Tasks.Item10962 GeorgeClark 1.1.4
ImprovePageLoadTime Improve Page Load Time Tasks.Item8502, Tasks.Item8521, Tasks.Item8571, Tasks.Item8566, Tasks.Item8696 MichaelDaum  
ImprovePasswordResetProcess Improve security of password reset. Item14506 GeorgeClark 2.2
ImproveSearchResultsList Improve the readability of search results      
ImproveStatisticsHandlingForMissingTopics Add option to allow statistics script to auto-create missing topics, also add more authorization checks. Tasks.Item11392 GeorgeClark 1.1.5
ImproveSupportForComments Support comment syntax in topics and topic templates Tasks.Item13905 CrawfordCurrie 2.2
ImproveWebSearchPages Integrate WebSearch, WebSearchAdvanced, Alphabetical search and SearchHelp Tasks.Item8839 ArthurClemens 1.1
InGMTIMESupportTwoDigitWeek Suggestion for true two-digit week format in GMTIME Tasks.Item11506 OlivierRaginel 1.1.4
IncreaseCacheControlMaxAgeForSystemWeb Increase max-age for static webs Tasks.Item12135 SvenDowideit 2.0
InheritWikiLinksTopics Allow a hierarchy of InterWikis topics Tasks.Item9260 AndrewJones 1.1.3
InterwikiPluginMacroExpansionCustomURLs We need some minor InterwikiPlugin enhancements to better support the Github migration Tasks.Item12819 GeorgeClark  
IntroduceForceDefaultUrlHostToggle Sometimes its necessary to force the hostname set in {DefaultUrlHost}. Tasks.Item11900 OliverKrueger, GeorgeClark 2.0
IsManagingEmailsShouldBeConfigurable Would be nice if managing emails in was configurable Tasks.Item12133 GeorgeClark 2.0
LinksInPreview It would be useful to have links enabled in edit previews Tasks.Item11902 WillNorris, GeorgeClark 2.0
MacroToListInstalledFormFieldTypes MacroToListInstalledFormFieldTypes Tasks.Item12177 SvenDowideit, PaulHarvey 2.0
MakeItEasierToBlockSystemWebGuestAccess Simplify hiding the System web documentation. Tasks.Item13854 GeorgeClark 2.1
MakeSEARCHResultPartitioningByWebOptional SEARCH rendering is always partitioned by web Tasks.Item2276 SvenDowideit  
MakeStartPageCOnfigurable Add HomePagePlugin as a core extension Item11761 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
MakeUserRegistrationAsLeanAsPossible Make UserRegistration as lean as possible Tasks.Item8796 ArthurClemens 1.1
MakeUserRegistrationCustomizable Make UserRegistration customizable Tasks.Item8701 ArthurClemens 1.1
MakeZonesLessIntrusive Make zones less intrusive, especially for non-HTML output Tasks.Item13849 PaulHarvey. GeorgeClark 2.1
MeasureAndReportScriptTiming Measure and report Script timing Item11879 SvenDowideit 2.0
MoveCPANLibToSeparateContrib Move foswiki core lib/CPAN into its own CpanContrib Tasks.Item12475 SvenDowideit 2.0
MoveCodeRepositoryToGit migrate from Subversion to git Tasks.Item526 Tasks.Item11267 Tasks.Item12819 OlivierRaginel, PaulHarvey, SvenDowideit  
MoveLogsToWorking Move logs to 'working' Tasks.Item2008 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
MoveQueryPathParsingIntoFoswikiRequest Make Foswiki::Request responsible for parsing the query path and identifying the Web, Topic & Attachment. Tasks.Item14033 GeorgeClark 2.2
MoveToJQuery Enhance PatternSkin to use jQuery Tasks.Item8623 MichaelDaum, ArthurClemens 1.1
MultiStoreRefactor Refactor the Store to allow multiple plugable backends   SvenDowideit, CrawfordCurrie 2.0
NewTopicLinkNotAQuestionMark New topic link should not have a question mark Tasks.Item12092 ArthurClemens, SvenDowideit  
NormaliseRegexSyntax Agree on a minimum syntax for regexes Tasks.Item8857 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
OneStepUserDeletion Create mechanism for easy user deletion - Move AntiWikiSpamPlugin remove user code to core. Tasks.Item12207 Tasks.Item12699 GeorgeClark 2.0
OpenLinkInNewWndow I want to enforce the opening of an new browser window      
OptionToAddServerTimeToEmailHeaders Would be nice to have an option to have foswiki send email with local timezone headers instead of gmt Tasks.item10523 GeorgeClark 1.1.4
OtherInstallersShouldNotLinkToOldReleases We should have a policy on how far back we go with packages for old Foswiki installers   GeorgeClark  
ParameterizedGroupsMacro Add format and other stuff to the GROUPS macro Tasks.Item2154, Tasks.Item2173, Tasks.Item8704 CrawfordCurrie  
ParameterizedVariables Discussion on implementing parameterized variables Tasks.Item10187 CrawfordCurrie 1.1.4
ParamsInSquabs Allow params in a squab view Page?p=data Tasks.Item1654 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
PluggableAccessControlImplementation Pluggable Access Control Implementation Tasks.Item10939 SvenDowideit 2.0
ProcessAddToHeadAdds Process addToHEAD adds Tasks.Item6014 ArthurClemens 1.1
RcsLite write a pure perl replacement for rcs and use it as a Store impl.      
RecodeSearchCgi recode the search cgi to show view/System/WebSearch Tasks.Item8761 SvenDowideit  
RecursiveTMPLDefinitions Enhance TMPL:DEF to allow recursive definition of template elements. Tasks.Item2545 SvenDowideit, ChunHuang 1.1
RedesignLoggerAPI Modernize the Log API Tasks.Item12104 GeorgeClark 2.0
RefactorACLCheckOnResultSetAsFilter Refactor ACL Check and Pager on ResultSet As Filter Tasks.Item10461 SvenDowideit 2.0
RegisteredCalculateMacro Implement a CALCULATE macro as a registered macro     2.0
RemoveClassicSkin Let us remove Classic Skin   ArthurClemens  
RemoveDeprecatedEmptyDENYRule Finish off the deprecation of the empty DENY* Rules started back on TWiki Tasks.Item12849 GeorgeClark 2.0
RemoveHomegrownFoswikiNetCode Remove the homegrown Foswiki::Net code that Item14023 GeorgeClark 2.2
RemoveRedirectCGIQueryHandler Remove the unused and dangerous redirectCGIQueryHandler Tasks.Item8818 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
RemoveTaintCheckingFromFoswiki Remove the -T flag from the foswiki scripts Tasks.Item13028 GeorgeClark, CrawfordCurrie 2.0
RenamingAttachments Allow Renaming of Attachments      
ReplaceConfigureWithConfigurePlugin Foswiki should with no or very minimal configuration Item12515 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
ReplaceEditTablePluginWithEditRowPlugin replace edit table plugin with edit row plugin Item11772 SvenDowideit 2.0
RequirePerl588 Move to 5.8.8 for various reasons Item11878 SvenDowideit, PaulHarvey 2.0
ResultSets Result Sets to abstract search results, lists, and GROUP definition Tasks.Item2350 SvenDowideit  
SMIMESupportInMail Add SMIME support in email Tasks.Item10522 GeorgeClark 2.0
SaferURLPARAMasDefault Safer URLPARAM as default Tasks.Item375 KennethLavrsen 1.0
SandboxWebNameShouldBeMapped The Sandbox Web name should be mapped through a config variable (2.0) Tasks.Item8744 GeorgeClark 1.1.5
ScanForMissingPerlModules It would be cool to ease Perl module installation or at least to simplify figuring out what is missing Tasks.Item10170 IngoKappler 1.1.3
SearchNeedsAltParameter SEARCH needs an alt parameter in case of zero results Tasks.Item883 ArthurClemens or SvenDowideit 1.1
SearchOrderingOnMultipleFields Search ordering on multiple fields Tasks.Item96 KoenMartens  
SearchResultsPagination Search results pagination Tasks.Item3931 ArthurClemens (spec), SvenDowideit (code) 1.1.0
SearchSeparatorDefaultHeaderFooter SEARCH separator as newline after header and before footer ONLY when separator is not specified Tasks.Item1773 KennethLavrsen 1.1
SettingAndGettingVariablesUsingMacros Setting Variables Using Macros Tasks.Item12175 MichaelDaum 2.0
ShipCompareRevisionsAddOnWithFoswiki01x01 Ship CompareRevisionsAddOn with Foswiki 1.1 Tasks.Item1858 WillNorris 1.1
ShipHistoryPluginWithFoswiki01x01 Ship HistoryPlugin with Foswiki 1.1 Tasks.Item1856 WillNorris 1.1
ShipSubscribePluginWithFoswiki01x01 Ship the SubscribePlugin with Foswiki 1.2 Tasks.Item10830 AndrewJones 2.0
ShorterUrlSupport Support in for Shorter URLs, ommiting HomeWeb and WebHome   ColasNahaboo  
SimplifyExtensionReleaseForms Too many forms make head hurt Tasks.Item13285 CrawfordCurrie  
SimplifySearchTemplates replace the SPLIT and REPEAT mess in the search templates Tasks.Item8768 SvenDowideit  
SoftAsserts A soft-failure-mode for ASSERTs Tasks.Item9161 MichaelTempest 1.1
SpecFileSyntaxEnhancements Configure .spec file syntax needs improvments   CrawfordCurrie 2.0
SplitArgumentsinMAKETEXT Allow passing MAKETEXT's placeholder arguments separately Tasks.Item14080 JanKrueger 2.2
SplitTopicAttachmentNameFilters Separate the topic and attachment name filters, allow spaces in attachment names, remove colon from Topic names. Tasks.Item12560 GeorgeClark 2.1
SpreadSheetPluginFourNewFunctions New $EMPTY(), $LEFTSTRING(), $RIGHTSTRING(), SUBSTRING() functions to SpreadSheetPlugin   KennethLavrsen 1.0.5
SummaryBasedOnSearchTerms Make topic summary optionally based on search terms   ArthurClemens  
SupportAllMacrosInTemplateTopics Support all macros in template topics Tasks.Item13909 CrawfordCurrie 2.2
SupportBlockquoteAndIndenting Support <blockquote> and paragraph indenting in TinyMCEPlugin Tasks.Item2341, Tasks.Item2516 PaulHarvey, CrawfordCurrie 2.0
SupportCommaFormattingToken Support , formatting token Tasks.Item8695 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
SupportDollarPercent Also allow token to be spelled percent you avoid a common error Tasks.Item8624 CrawfordCurrie 1.1
SupportSSLandTLSforSMTP Add support for SSL and TLS transport for SMTP Tasks.Item10521 GeorgeClark 1.1.4
SupportShorterACRONYMS We need support in my company for two letter ACRONYMS Tasks.Item12185 GeorgeClark 2.0
SupportStrippingIPsFromLogfiles Allow switching off IP logging in logfiles Tasks.Item10637 GeorgeClark 1.1.4
TestLighttpdWebserver a simple lighttpd configuration and laucher script for testing/development purposes   AntonioTerceiro, GilmarSantosJr  
ThinPrefsProposal Thin Prefs Mechanism Tasks.Item1541 GilmarSantosJr 1.1
TocFailsForIdenticalHeadingNames Headings with same text generate same anchor, and TOC doesn't work Tasks.Item1607 HaraldJoerg 1.0
TopicAddressing Consistent methods for breaking apart topic names/"addresses" Tasks.Item10376 PaulHarvey 2.0
TopicMovedMessageTooVisible Topic moved message at the bottom of normal view is too visible. Move to diff page Tasks.Item9446 LynnwoodBrown 1.1
USERINFOisTooRestrictive Allow USERINFO macro to display users that are not view restricted Tasks.Item11410 GeorgeClark 1.1.5
UnicodeSupport Investigate Unicode support for Foswiki Item5437   2.0
UnifyUnitTests Move to a single Unit Test suite that runs on multiple branches. Tasks.Item11479 PaulHarvey GeorgeClark 2.0
UrlparamPreventNewlineSubstitution URLPARAM: Don't encode newline parameter substition Item14604 GeorgeClark 2.2
Use401ForCookieAuth Return 401 instead of 200 for auth failures Tasks.Item11515 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
UseRelativeLinksByDefault Templates and Topics should use SCRIPTURLPATH Tasks.Item13948 GeorgeClark 2.2
UseUTF8 Use UTF8 as the encoding for all stored content Item5437    
UseUTF8PerlRequirements Upgrade to Perl version best for UTF8 Item5437    
UseVariableForSignature Make the signature format a variable Tasks.Item8607 ArthurClemens 1.1
UseXForwardedForHeader Optionally get client IP from the X-Forwarded-For header. Item14380 GeorgeClark 2.2
VarFORMFIELDMissingThirdDefaultParameter VarFORMFIELD is missing a default parameter option when the field is not instantiated in the topic Tasks.Item1722    
Number of topics: 197

Proposals that were implemented as non-default Plugin

(these may be rejected proposals where the developer decided to implement the feature as plugin or other extension instead)

Topic Summary Tasks Item Developer Release
AddMetaSetActionToEditAndSave Set any addressable topic element from save   SvenDowideit  
AddTaskPriorityOfSecurity Create a new task priority for Security sensitive tasks   GeorgeClark  
CopyingToExistingTopic Copying the topic contents from one page to an already existing page      
DatabaseStore Database store, or database cache, for high performance Tasks.Item9715 CrawfordCurrie 2.0
DeprecateTinyMCEPluginInitPreference Replace TINYMCEPLUGIN_INIT preference with topic section Tasks.Item8416, Tasks.Item9210 PaulHarvey  
EasierMirroringOfExtensionRepositories Simplify building and using local extension repositories Tasks.Item8804 GeorgeClark  
ExcelImportExportPluginNoFormsFeature It would be an improvement if the ExcelImportExportPlugin handles excel tables without having a foswiki form defined Tasks.Item8177 SvenHess  
GroupPermissionsForFilterPlugin Extend FilterPlugin with group permissions      
KeystrokesForSlideShowPlugin Enhance Slide Show Plugin for keystroke shortcuts     2.0
MacroForRetrievingFieldDefaultValues We need to centralise into core the means to retrieve field default values      
ModPerlStartupScript Distribute suggested by ApacheConfigGenerator to improve efficiency   JoshuaCharlesCampbell, WillNorris  
PingCommand Ping Command for IF Statement      
SpecialNonWikiwordLinking We should be able to link Task2468 and Question1357      
SupportPermanentLinks It would be nice if Foswiki provided invariant links, that work even if a topic is moved or renamed.   OliverKrueger  
Number of topics: 14
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