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Foswiki is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use enterprise wiki and collaboration platform. The structured wiki is typically used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base, or any other groupware tool, on an intranet or on the internet. Web content can be created collaboratively by using just a browser. Users without programming skills can create web applications. Developers can extend the functionality of Fowsiki with Plugins.

Foswiki forked from TWiki 2008-10-27 as a reaction of the hostile takeover of TWiki by a company called

Administrators can tailor their Foswiki installation with over 400 extensions available from and


General Features

Version: 0.9
Last Release Date: 2009-01-01
Author: Foswiki Community
Free and Open Source: Yes
License: GPL
Programming Language: Perl
Data Storage: Files, RCS
License Cost/ Fee: $0
Development status: Mature
Intended Audience: corporate intranets, personal wiki, community wiki

System Requirements

Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS-X and others
Root Access: No
Webserver: Almost any webserver, typically Apache 1.3/2.0
Other Requirements: RCS (optional), cron/scheduler, fgrep, egrep; Plugins may have additional dependencies


Text Files: Yes
PostgreSQL: No
Oracle: No
SQLite: No
BerkeleyDB: No
RCS: Yes
Other: caching of content into database using plugins

Security / Anti Spam

Page Permissions: Yes
ACL: Yes
Authentication Backends: Internal authentication; anything Apache supports such as LDAP, NIS, AD, Kerberos
Host Blocking: Plugin
Mail Encryption: Yes
nofollow: Yes
Blacklist: Plugin
Delayed Indexing: Plugin

Development / Support

Commercial Support: automatically maintained by WikiMatrix frown, sad smile
Preconfigured Hosting: Yes
Code Repository: ???
Issue Tracker: ???
Mailing List: ???
Support Forum: ???
IRC Channel: ???

Common Features

Preview: Yes
Minor Changes: Yes
Change Summary: Yes
Page History: Yes
Page Revisions: Unlimited
Revision Diffs: Between all
Page Index: Yes
Plugin System: Yes

Special Features

Unicode Support: Yes
Right-to-Left Support: No
Interface Languages: ???
Email notification: Yes
Comments: Plugin
Categories: Plugin
Namespaces: Yes
Page Redirection: Yes
Conflict Handling: Conflict Resolution
Search: Full Text
Wiki Farming: Optional ???
Structured Data: Yes

CamelCase: Yes
Freelinks: Yes
Backlinks: Yes
InterWiki: Plugin
SisterWiki: Plugin ???
Image Links: Yes
Windows Shares: Plugin
Page Redirects: Plugin

Syntax Features

HTML Tags: All
Math formulas: Plugin
Tables: simple + complex
CREOLE support: No
Markdown Support: No
Textile Support: No
BBCode Support: No
Emoticon Images: Plugin
Syntax Highlighting: Plugin
Footnotes: Plugin
Quoting: Yes
Internal Comments: Yes
Custom styles: Yes
FAQ Tags: Yes ???
Scripting: JavaScript; Topic Markup Language
Content Includes: Yes
Feed Aggregation: Plugin


Section Editing: Plugin
Page Templates: Yes
Double-Click Edit: Plugin ???
Toolbar: Plugin
WYSIWYG Editing: Plugin
Access Keys: Yes
Auto Signature: Yes


Recent Changes: Yes
Wanted Pages: No
Orphaned Pages: Plugin
Most/Least Popular: Yes
Recent Visitors: Plugin
Analysis: Yes


HTML: XHTML 1.0 Transitional
CSS Stylesheets: Yes
Printer Friendly: Print View
Mobile Friendly: Plugin ???
Themes & Skins: Yes
RSS Feeds: Yes
ATOM Feeds: Yes
Abbreviations: Plugin
Auto-TOC: Yes
Raw Export: Yes
HTML Export: Yes
XML export: Plugin
PDF Export: Plugin

Media and Files

File Attachments: Yes
Media Revisions: Yes
Embedded Flash: Plugin
Embedded Video: Plugin
Image Editing: Optional ???
SVG Editing: Plugin
MindMap Editing: Plugin ???
Media Search: Contents


Calendar: Plugin
Image Galleries: Plugin
Forums: Plugin
Blogs: Plugin
Ticket System: Plugin

Syntax Examples

Internal Link:
WikiWord autolink
[[Spaced text]]
External Link:
External Link autolink
---+ Level 1
---++ Level 2
---+++ Level 3
---++++ Level 4
---+++++ Level 5
---++++++ Level 6
Bold Format:
Italics Format:
Underline Format:
Monospace Format:
=monospaced text= and
multi line text
Strikethrough Format:
Superscript Format:
Subscript Format:
Aligning Text:
| left |   center   |   right |
or CSS
Text Indentation:
multi line text
Bulleted Lists:
   * Item 1
      * Item 1.1
   * Item 2
Numbered Lists:
   1. Item 1
      a. Item 1.a
   1. Item 2
Definition Lists:
   $ Term: Definition
Horizontal Rule:


BasicForm edit

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Topic Summary
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