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Question 1

What is the most important thing that the name should try to do first? We know that both can be important, but please select your first priority.


Preference Percentage Absolute
contributors 7.69 8
users 92.31 96

Question 2

Which are the 3 most important properties the new name should have?


Preference Percentage Absolute
memorable 13.77 65
pronounceable 12.29 58
shortword 7.63 36
businesslike 7.42 35
spellable 6.78 32
wiki 4.45 21
wordplay 3.60 17
nowiki 3.39 16
descriptive 3.18 15
softsound 1.48 7
humor 1.06 5
hardsound 0.85 4
longword 0.21 1
acronym 0.00 0

Question: Can we have listed doubles and triples too?

Wiki / No Wiki

wiki-nonwiki.jpeg 37 explicit preferences

Preference Percentage Absolute
wiki 20.19 21
nowiki 15.38 16
don't mind 64.42 67

Soft Sound / Hard Sound

soft-hard-sound.jpeg 11 explicit preferences

Preference Percentage Absolute
softsound 6.73 7
hardsound 3.85 4
don't mind 89.42 93

Question 3

What are the words that you associate with the project?

Word Statstics

Word OccurrenceSorted descending
wiki 33
collaboration 27
open 24
flexible 21
community 20
knowledge 19
free 14
platform 14
management 11
perl 11
application 10
collaborate 10
extensible 10
fun 10
powerful 10
web 10
share 8
easy 7
fast 7
information 7
new 7
source 7
documentation 6
enterprise 6
sharing 5
structured 5
applications 4
content 4
development 4
dynamic 4
fork 4
future 4
intranet 4
structure 4
team 4
tool 4
twiki 4
agile 3
business 3
contribute 3
cooperation 3
evolution 3
flexibility 3
friendly 3
innovative 3
like 3
next 3
openness 3
reliable 3
repository 3
shared 3
social 3
base 2
big 2
control 2
customizable 2
data 2
database 2
editing 2
efficiency 2
exchange 2
form 2
great 2
groups 2
grow 2
people 2
professional 2
prototyping 2
publish 2
rapid 2
simple 2
slow 2
solutions 2
spoon 2
start 2
support 2
supportive 2
system 2
trust 2
useful 2
web20 2
whiteboard 2
accessible 1
active 1
adaptability 1
adaptable 1
adminfriendly 1
adventure 1
after 1
alternative 1
anarchist 1
app 1
applicationframework 1
approachable 1
asksam 1
automating 1
autonomous 1
availability 1
awesome 1
back 1
based 1
baseground 1
baseweb 1
binview 1
bottom 1
boundaries 1
branch 1
break 1
businesslike 1
casual 1
challenger 1
change 1
clean 1
clear 1
clever 1
cloud 1
clumsy 1
cluttered 1
cms 1
cogitationbehaviour 1
collection 1
comment 1
common 1
communication 1
companies 1
complex 1
complicated 1
confidence 1
connect 1
cool 1
coordinate 1
creation 1
creativity 1
customisable 1
customize 1
democratic 1
determination 1
disappointed 1
diverse 1
docs 1
document 1
documents 1
dont 1
dynamicagile 1
dynamics 1
edit 1
emailprevention 1
emergence 1
empower 1
enabling 1
entreprise 1
everyone 1
evolving 1
excitement 1
exciting 1
experimental 1
experts 1
extendable 1
extendible 1
extensibility 1
files 1
find 1
flat 1
flatdb 1
flow 1
format 1
foundation 1
freeform 1
fresh 1
frontiers 1
functionalities 1
fwiki 1
gap 1
generation 1
getit 1
gleam 1
good 1
grassroots 1
ground 1
group 1
groupware 1
haika 1
handle 1
helpful 1
hoi 1
holism 1
hope 1
improved 1
inclusive 1
independent 1
influence 1
innovation 1
install 1
integrable 1
integration 1
interesting 1
international 1
invigorated 1
irc 1
know 1
knowing 1
knowledgbase 1
kontextwork 1
learning 1
lightweight 1
livingvivid 1
logs 1
machine 1
main 1
malleable 1
meetings 1
megawiki 1
metawiki 1
mindboggling 1
net 1
netflash 1
netflashmachine 1
netmachine 1
netwiki 1
network 1
nextwiki 1
nfm 1
novel 1
now 1
opensource 1
organisation 1
organise 1
organization 1
organize 1
organizing 1
participate 1
perennial 1
plain 1
plugin 1
polished 1
polloi 1
popular 1
possibilities 1
power 1
powerfull 1
presented 1
proactive 1
process 1
productive 1
professionel 1
project 1
prose 1
puna 1
pure 1
qualitymanagement 1
quick 1
readable 1
reborn 1
regapp 1
regex 1
regwiki 1
respect 1
restricting 1
retrieval 1
revised 1
revision 1
rulewiki 1
sap 1
search 1
searchable 1
see 1
serious 1
seven 1
shifter 1
short 1
shuffled 1
shuffling 1
simpleeasy 1
simplicity 1
skeleton 1
software 1
solid 1
solution 1
sorry 1
spanning 1
speed 1
spirit 1
spork 1
stability 1
statistics 1
stickies 1
store 1
sun 1
syntax 1
table 1
tables 1
technical 1
text 1
that 1
the 1
thresholds 1
tidy 1
toolkit 1
tracking 1
transparency 1
transparent 1
trusty 1
tweaki 1
unique 1
unix 1
unleashed 1
unshackled 1
usable 1
use 1
used 1
versatil 1
versatile 1
very 1
volunteer 1
wants 1
way 1
webbased 1
webflashmachine 1
webground 1
webmachine 1
website 1
well 1
wfm 1
while 1
wikifabric 1
word 1
work 1
workflow 1
workgroup 1
workspace 1

Full text

  • BaseWeb
  • BinView
  • Business solution (i.e, used in many companies)
  • Collaborate, Innovative, Reliable, Free availability, Supportive community
  • Collaborate, Organize, Qualitymanagement, Knowledgbase, Application-Framework, Perl, Information, Flexible
  • Collaboration, fun
  • Cool
  • Entreprise, future, open, alternative
  • Extendable
  • Extensible
  • Flexible
  • Flexible, Slow, Clever, Complicated, Interesting, Disappointed.
  • Foundation, Application, Powerful, Extensible, Skeleton
  • Future, proactive, flexible, professionel, cooperation, trust, grow
  • I dont like
  • I like
  • Innovative
  • Main
  • NetFlash
  • NetFlashMachine (NFM - Now For Me)
  • NetMachine
  • NetWiki
  • New, future, next generation, professional, business, knowledge
  • Next (sorry, but I like it)
  • NextWiki
  • No comment.
  • Open
  • Open, Community, Platform independent
  • Open, approachable yet serious (as in business-like), well presented, Polished & tidy, Inclusive.
  • Open, friendly, free, volunteer, team, platform, whiteboard, applications, shared, web, wiki, powerful, flexible, fun, integration, easy.
  • Openness, fun, community spirit, determination.
  • Perl
  • Platform, structured, toolkit, adaptable, powerful, free-form, innovative, fast
  • Powerful
  • Reborn, unleashed, unshackled, community, invigorated, trust, excitement.
  • Structure
  • TWiki, collaboration, perl, kontextwork, not web2.0, flat files, slow, great functionalities, table editing
  • Team, Collaborate, Share, Empower, Contribute, Knowledge, Organise, Free, Fast, Coordinate, Application
  • WebFlashMachine (WFM - Web For Me)
  • WebGround
  • WebMachine
  • Wiki
  • Wiki Enterprise Structured Web2.0 Collaboration
  • Wiki fork spoon
  • Wiki, Agile, Publish, Content, Management, System, CMS, Website, Intranet, Community.
  • Wiki, Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Community, Open Source,
  • Wiki, New, Next, Fork, Spoon, Spork, Branch
  • Wiki, TWiki, Collaboration, Meetings, Documentation, E-Mail-Prevention, Efficiency, Transparency
  • agile
  • anarchist content management system
  • base
  • baseground
  • big, powerful, not easy to install ;-), perl
  • business, organization, repository, workgroup, application, customize
  • clear, pure, flow, find, share, collaborate
  • clumsy
  • cluttered
  • collaborate
  • collaborate, flexible, document, share, easy
  • collaboration
  • collaboration, fast, wiki, knowledge, sharing, agile, friendly, community, social
  • collaboration, flexibility, plain text, tables, structure, community
  • collaboration, free form, evolution of knowledge, community
  • collaboration, groupware, project management, knowledge management, enterprise...
  • collaboration, revised, improved, clean break, fresh start,
  • collaboration, wiki, application platform, web based, sharing,
  • common
  • community knowledge experts helpful
  • community, flexible, extendible, powerful, admin-friendly, structured.
  • customisable
  • customizable
  • documentation
  • documents
  • dynamic
  • dynamic/agile documentation platform
  • dynamics
  • edit
  • enabling knowledge creation
  • enterprise
  • exchange
  • extensible
  • extensible, powerful, easy to use
  • fast
  • flexible
  • flexible, dynamic, rapid development, shared, data and prose
  • flexible, extensible, enterprise, powerful, open source, unique, future
  • flexible, extensible, reliable, platform, usable.
  • free
  • free form content, shuffling, emergence
  • free, shuffled, grassroots, hoi polloi, popular, autonomous
  • friendly supportive cooperation
  • fun
  • fun collaboration share respect
  • fun, dynamic, collaboration, diverse, flexible, international, exciting, new
  • fwiki (see irc logs from a while back)
  • getit, haika, puna
  • ground
  • grow
  • hope, development, innovation, structure, database, retrieval
  • in short, ist is a:
  • information
  • knowledge
  • knowledge management web application development platform data fast quick easy flexible customizable lightweight simple
  • knowledge management, cooperation, technical documentation, rapid web application prototyping, structured information, flexibility, open source, free software, integrable
  • knowledge management, sharing, web application platform, perl, active, complex
  • knowledge, know, gleam, connect,
  • learning
  • living/vivid information share
  • machine
  • mind-boggling cogitation/behaviour shifter
  • net
  • network
  • new
  • new way
  • new, democratic, open source
  • new, fun
  • open
  • open collaboration extensible fast flexible productive free
  • open free fork wiki evolution
  • open perl awesome
  • open source, community, great
  • open source, wiki, flexible, extensible, useful, knowledge management, very useful for a lot of people, intranet, web-based solutions, community, bottom up, information gap, communication
  • open wiki community collaboration
  • open, free, easy
  • openness
  • people, social groups, social control & influence, workflow, knowledge, application platform, wikifabric.
  • perl
  • perl collaborate
  • perl megawiki metawiki regex regwiki regapp rulewiki flatdb
  • platform
  • platform, collaboration, shared workspace, web, cloud, malleable, knowledge, community
  • possibilities
  • powerful
  • powerfull, flexible, fun, adventure
  • professional
  • reliable trusty perennial confidence unix tool simple flexible readable community contribute solid casual open
  • repository
  • restricting myself to seven word groups
  • search
  • share
  • share, collaborate, information exchange, fun, support, open source, development, evolution, sun
  • share, collaborate, knowledge base, documentation, open and accessible to everyone that wants to participate, easy to handle
  • sharing
  • sharing, community, flexibility, openness, holism.
  • simple/easy application prototyping (SAP wink )
  • simplicity
  • solutions
  • spanning boundaries or frontiers or thresholds, group, collaboration, knowledge, knowing.
  • speed
  • stability
  • start
  • store
  • structure, organisation, evolving, adaptability, open, flexible, change
  • syntax
  • team
  • tool, collaborate, open, free, dynamic, versatile, big, good
  • transparent process challenger
  • tweaki ?
  • twiki
  • us
  • versatil
  • we
  • whiteboard, opensource, stickies, wiki, intranet, collaboration
  • wiki
  • wiki collaboration community knowledge management extensible flexible
  • wiki enterprise applications
  • wiki twiki "free format database" askSam
  • wiki, "wiki app", docs
  • wiki, application platform, enterprise
  • wiki, collaboration tool, documentation tool,
  • wiki, collaboration, platform, extensible, perl, community (after the fork)
  • wiki, collection, editing, collaboration, applications, organizing, automating, community, efficiency, creativity, novel, experimental, web 2.0, open, free, work, power, extensibility, plugin, support, tracking, statistics
  • wiki, structured, intranet, platform, web 2.0, content management, revision control, web applications, publish, contribute, searchable

Question 4

What is it that you like the most about the project?

That an open source community create a great tool.


At this point in time, not sure.

At this point in time, not sure.

Active developmentBig communityInternational scope

the structuredness and retrieval options

Written in Perl (so I can hack it).GPL'd.Flexible Access control (except for attachments).Per topic attachments.

the community that makes it work

I use it for simple applications. Pure wiki is too tough to explain to users. Make it simply elegant, please.

* its developing community* its flexibility and extentability* its openness and wikiedness* that one can do incredibly usefull things with it pretty easily* that its freely available and open source* that it does not need a database to do database like things (queries)* its more wiki than others but goes beyond being just yet another wiki* ... restricting myself to seven statements

Open Source, non-commercial driven, structured wiki, extensible

The power it places in the hands of regular users.

Notion of collaboration and flexibility.


How it can be customized to meet specific needs very easily, particularly when creating simple, data-backed web applications.


activity, openness, free, social, valuable, useful, focused

Easy to collaborate, create, manage, and share documentation.

Flexibility, Plugins and Community!

It is (or really, most wikis are) about the closest thing I've found in Linux as a substitute for askSam in dos/Windows.

It is (or really, most wikis are) about the closest thing I've found in Linux as a substitute for askSam in dos/Windows.

it "just works", many plugins, simple (text based) backend


Useful product.Free.Enthusiasm of developers.Ability to add extensions.

flexible, customizable and free wiki; a living developer community

freedom to create and share together

easy to handle, looks nice and friendly, everyone can participate

The people, but the founder smile

Its flexibility and the community that has built up around it (and moved en-masse with it to keep it free from overt commercial influence)


- The features that address usage for companies like the permissions.- That you can build applications on top of it although this needs some expertise but also makes me thinking of the above words.- Can be used as wiki, for web pages and be tweaked for special purposes like knowledge base or all of that together.- All the plugins especially the different search possibilities...

abundance of plugins

new design, simple interface

the feeling of an afternoon party in a welcoming community. Everybody brings whatever he can in good spirit, and you end up enjoying great, simple, rustic and healthy goods among very diverse and enthusiatic people.

The fact that it will be open, and that the people that work on it won't be expected to work for a commercial company for free.

the power of the plugins and the ability to add and remove as required.

Provides useful search functions, and is extensible using Perl.

Right now, it's a completely fresh take on what TWiki was - these pages don't look like a Wiki & on the face of it the geekyness of TWiki has been well hidden. The NextWiki crew being such a friendly bunch I may get sucked into contributing something here...

The team spirit

Community driven project

enthusiasm of the team. Openness to contributors.

I like the ease with which information is entered, stored, and cross-linked for retrieval and the ease of quick application prototyping and development for knowledge workers.

Supportive community

Agility of the comunity

The people working on it, and using it.

featuresopen source

community friendly welcoming extensible flexible

We have one of the few products on the market that allows free form knowledge to mix with hard edged structured process and workflow. If we can find a way of packaging this and taking it to the market then we'll have changed the world. And I'm quite serious in thinking that.

easy expandability

no database, perl, open source

open to all

core concept (variable expanding)openplugins

freedom of doing nearly everything with plugins

It is very easy to develop web applications

The ability to create web applications without having to know anything about programming, allowing you to avoid the IT department and get things done.

I can run my website with it. Using plug-ins and extensions I contribute easily whenever I want to without risking to break the core.

It's potential: since choosing twiki back in late 2005 I've had some defending to do and have even seriously considered other projects such as Plone (quite recently, as well). This fork was essential and overdue. The plans for speed and usability improvements on such a powerful platform were always exciting, but now, with the new energy in the community...

All perl implementation; extensibility; robustness.


New energy. Lack of tension in team. Belief product will be extended in significant ways.

While there is a learning curve to the tool, it is far and above trying to get someone to hammer out web pages with a web authoring tool. I still have trouble getting people to use the site, but I have a chance. The tools available from the community have helped with this the most.

openess to change

The power of the platform - it can be extended to do anything. It serves as a great Nexus that can do anything on its own, but integrate with anything else that does one particular thing better / more polished. It is the Jack of all Trades of software.

That we can rearchitect and leave the old stuff behind.

extensions to set up exactly (and only) the features you need

Things I like most about the product:* Empowerment of individuals to share their knowledge.* Removing barriers (and excuses) for collaboration.Things I like most about the project:* The desire to generate community of contributors.* The technical respect between the development team.Good luck, guys. Whatever you choose, someone will find a problem with it.

The whole philosophy behind the wiki principle. The soft security. The fact that the tool enables a lot of people to collaborate and share and coordinate in a professionel environment. And this is done freely without having to ask anyone for permission or for access. The power, the synergy, the efficiency is amazing. What makes this project (TWiki and now nextwiki) unique is that the tool in addition to the wiki has the application features. Anyone without being administrator, without having special previledges, without programming skills, can create a small application in a matter of minutes which afterwards has a significant value for the team that uses it to organise their work.

flexibility, adaptability

Highly dedicated developers + team spirit

It is a wiki targeted towards the use in companies.

open, easy to use, intuitive

Open source free

1. It is open source, too much software locks you in to one vendor and hides your data, you must pay consultants for access to your own data.2. This wiki is flexible and relatively easy to build usable apps with.3. The potential to show off real value from open source, for both small and big use cases.

Extensible with Plugins, Variables (especially SEARCH{})

The ability to extend the wiki platform to build quick, easy wiki applications. The separation of wikis through the use of Webs. The wiki syntax is actually nice and clean. The fact that NextWiki already covers many domain area (custom apps, combined wikis/sites, blogs, etc), which is why I think including Wiki in the name would be restrictive to future growth.

I like that the project shows initiative, and willingness to control it's own fate.

Implemented in Perl, huge feature set, flexible

it's perl!

The Openness, that it's written in perl, that is so extremely flexible. In the beginning i liked the file.based backend, now i'd like a plugin architecture to use a database. The design seems to be nice, what i saw of the code looks great.

what i like1. it is a programmable wiki1. RAD plateform for intranet applications1. It is a 4th generation language built upon perl that allows me to write functionality prototype very fast.1. many docs1. it as an active community1. it as many plugins and add ons what i'm waiting for1. ease of upgrading or migration to other release(I suspect that'll stop most of us to migrate to nextwiki)

its free open source, business likes it, innovative application platform, connects well to other platforms, can do things you don´t expect, amazing possebillities, more than a wiki

I want the code/application to make it as easy as possible for me to get the site to have the content that we want. I want it to be easy for folks to get information into the site.There are problems with the current wysiwyg editor - using it can undo lots of carefully-written content.

in your face open source should stay that way.

The integration of a wiki, a file repository and custom, easy to write web applications is far more power than any of these tools alone. It has enough structure that information can be easily organized in useful ways, but not so much as to be limiting. It's a great vessel for capturing organizational learning. I don't know of any other tool that is as good at turning group communication into freeform documentation.


The ability to configure the software to do pretty much anything you need (within the paradigm of a wiki)

I like the way we create a great software together competing in the area of wiki software. I like the concept of creating an platform that facilitates bottom up teamwork on a large scale.

It's open, hospitable, the product is very good and there are a lot of good people working on it.

the people

a new wiki?

ability to create knowledge applications and span boundaries

Open, dynamic, collaborativ

The sense of community

possible (not necessarily easy) to build applications

The opportunity to use the software for a lot of demands (intranet, cms, website, etc).

As far as I get it up to now it is the "open mind and open source + democratic way of community work". Like the design (i know it is in development status still) better then the one (even after the web2 design trying) smile

the forms and building "apps" inside the wiki.


Your straightforwardness. When I have a question, I can get an answer.

the strong community and the application-style wiki

new, open, innovative, friendly, welcoming, professional

Helpful people and the use of textfiles as database

Enterprise grade collaboration wiki, with strong security and many addons.

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