Companies Are Upgrading To Foswiki

  • We now have major companies successfully upgrading from TWiki to Foswiki.
  • We also receive more and more notes from users saying their companies are planning to upgrade soon.
  • There is one major reason for this: Foswiki is the better product!
On this page you will find quotes from people on our mailing list, saying their company is about to upgrade (or did so already). Some of these where sent from corporate email accounts others from private email accounts. In this context, bear in mind that these quotes are user / employee statements not necessarily official statements in the name of their respective company.


We upgraded the wiki I am responsible for already when 1.0.0 was released and we have upgraded using the incremental upgrade packages since. The transision has been easy. We had a few home brew plugins that we changed to Foswiki name space. The TWiki compatibility plugin ensured that any old TWiki web links still worked so we could change the links whenever we happen to edit a topic.

Most users never really noticed the change except they were happy to see old bugs finally being fixed and they have welcomed the new features.

-- KennethLavrsen on foswiki-discuss


after 2 years adoption of TWiki, my company( Infosys) is also planning to migrate to Foswiki.

-- coria on foswiki-discuss

We ( Infosys) have in fact started the migration. Right now, we have a couple of wiki installations and we have migrated one of them to Foswiki. There are still some pending issues with Foswiki, once they get resolved we will migrate fully to Foswiki.

-- GuruprasadIyer - 13 Nov 2009

Qbranch Stockholm AB

Last year [I] started to examine the possibilities to deploy TWiki for wider use, first of all as a documentation platform. That was about the same time that TWiki started to fall apart as T(M) Wiki so I halted my project and followed the drama closly. When Foswiki finally was released I promptly started development of the new documentation platform.

The reason for me to chose Foswiki was that I wanted a sound, well working community with active developers. Foswiki is all that.

-- JohanBjoerklund on foswiki-discuss

University of Minnesota

In May 2009 we upgraded from TWiki to Foswiki. We've begun working to do the same with The developer talent behind the Foswiki project convinced us it was the best path forward.

-- DrewStevenson - 12 Nov 2009

Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Spectrograph

The Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Spectrograph team upgraded from TWiki to Foswiki because that's where the expertise, feature development, assistance, and community is. And you can quote me on that.

-- DonBarry on IRC

Pioneer Investments Management Ltd

Pioneer Investments have almost completed the migration from TWiki to Foswiki.. There have been some huge strides made by Foswiki and early testers have been really impressed how much easier, and faster it is to use.. A great product and community. We did not hesitate to move to Foswiki once we got the go ahead.

-- PadraigLennon

Mystic Coders LLC

Here at Mystic, we’ve been using an install of TWiki 4 for more than 18 months. We’ve also started to heavily use more of the features available in the product, and became increasingly frustrated with the apparent lack of community as of late. We get a lot of support from folks on IRC, and while some questions were answered, it was essentially a one-man show. The tubes must have been listening, because right about the time I was ready to abandon all hope, I received a twitter follow from @Foswiki.

See the rest of our post over at Foswiki’s blog. Suffice it to say, we’re pleased with our choice to migrate as it looks like the development activity, bugfixing, and general stability of the product has broken through a glass ceiling that must have been in place before.

-- AndrewLombardi on May 5, 2009

Testo AG

We introduced Foswiki as our Staff Portal in September '09, and are experiencing an easy-to-use tool and good feedback from our colleagues.

-- Ute Kröger 23 Nov 2009

Taxonomy Research & Information Network

Created two new videos to highlight in three minutes or less a few important usability improvements since upgrading from our old TWiki site to the shiny new Foswiki one

-- PaulHarvey - 27 Nov 2009

Rental Result

"As part of this work, the Result TWiki will be modified to a Foswiki, ..."

-- private email to CrawfordCurrie, 17 Nov 2009

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