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crear cuenta en foswiki

  • Main.StefanosKouzof - 14 Feb 2013:

    Could be read by a much larger audience if it was in English, though..

I just want to remove the notice: Note: These pages do not need to be accessible by browsers.

31 Dec 2012 by Amper Sun in Support
  • Main.GeorgeClark - 31 Dec 2012:

    Hi AmperSun,

    How did you configure your Foswiki / Apache installation. There are several ways to accomplish what you did. Indeed however our docs could be a bit better.

    Apache configured using .htaccess files
    The file root-htaccess.txt file has a commented statement to auto-redirect the request for index.html to the foswiki view script.
    # Redirect any access to 'index.html' to the 'view' script (i.e. Main.WebHome)
    # Disabled by default - uncomment if required, will hide the real index.html.
    # The first path here must be a URL path, not a file pathname
    # Redirect /urlpath/to/foswiki/index.html http://your.domain.com/urlpath/to/foswiki/bin/view
    Apache configured using sample foswiki_httpd_conf.txt file
    There is a comment that shows how to eliminate access to the root directory:
    # This alias enables access to the documents in the Foswiki root directory.
    # You may comment this out if you do not desire that people have this access.
    #### Change the path to match your local installation
    Alias /foswiki "/var/www/foswiki"
    Configured using Support.ApacheConfigGenerator
    If you enabled the "Use Short URLs" option, the redirect should be automatically handled.
    # short urls
    Alias / "/var/www/foswiki/bin/view"

    We probably should add a note to the System.InstallationGuide as well.

foswiki 1.1.5 RC2 available for testing

07 Apr 2012 by George Clark in Release
Foswiki.org is upgraded, and unless major issues are reported, this will become 1.1.5. We hope to release 1.1.5 the beginning of next week.

Dealing with Wiki Spammers

27 Mar 2012 by Crawford Currie in Support
If you run a public Foswiki site, you need to be aware of - and take action against - spammers. This post describes how.

Foswiki.org running 1.1.5-Beta2

19 Mar 2012 by George Clark in Development
Foswiki.org has been upgraded to 1.1.5 Beta 2. Release Candidate 1 will be released soon.

foswiki.org running 1.1.5-Beta1

29 Feb 2012 by George Clark in Release
Early beta of Foswiki 1.1.5 is running on foswiki.org.

Centos yum install foswiki and Debian apt-get install foswiki

That's right, on Redhat Enterprise and Centos, it’s now just as easy to install Foswiki and its ~300 plugins as it is on Debian.
* Debian repository for Foswiki
* Centos6 and RHEL6 repository for Foswiki
This means you can now manage your Enterprise Foswiki using the same package management tools as the rest of the operating system.

Release 1.1.5 planned, Branching for 1.2 soon

Release 1.1.5 targeted for March 31st 2012

Support.SecurityAlert-CVE-2012-1004 with hotfix is available and we will be following up with Release 1.1.5. It will be a security focused release, picking up a number of bug fixes, and a small number of minor enhancements. The anticipated timeline is:
* Feature freeze: 5th of March
* String freeze: 10th of March
* Build release candidate: 20th of March
* Release - 31 of March

Please help

We need developer help to close out the Tasks.ReleaseBlocker tasks, and do a triage of any open tasks to pull fixes into 1.1.5. And translators need to be prepared to update the strings. The User Registration messages have all been converted to use MAKETEXT.

Branch of 1.2 soon

There is still some discussion going on, but initial plans are to branch 1.2 from trunk. We really need some help updating the Development.FeatureProposals, setting the PlannedFor field to 1.2 or 2.0. Stay tuned to the blog for updates.

Details of 1.1.5 and 1.2 / 2.0 releases are found in the Development.ReleasePlan
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